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WhatsApp Business API, speed up sales and customer service by 85%

Reach and enhance customer experience with the powerful features of the WhatsApp Business API.

  • WhatsApp API can be accessed on many devices and agents
  • Send unlimited blast messages from WhatsApp API
  • Customizable chatbot for WhatsApp API
  • Open API for integration with other systems
  • Get the official green tick from WhatsApp

More than 3,500+ businesses have taken the advantage of WhatsApp API

Challenges faced without WhatsApp API


Limited bulk messaging

Businesses can only send a limited number of bulk messages


Lack of customer satisfaction

No rotator feature that can helps customers order automatically


Lack of customer trust

Not equipped with a green check mark indicating the business has been verified


No multiple agents

Can only be used by one agent, thus slowing down the response

Business trust and satisfaction increased 80%

WhatsApp Business API increases business trust and customer interaction so that they are more loyal

Effectively serve customers easily

Effectively serve customers easily

  • Strengthen your business brand trust with verified green tick WhatsApp Business number
  • Reach more customers automatically with WhatsApp blast to send mass messages instantly
  • Personalized automatic messages can be used to respond to and serve customers
Customer service becomes ineffective

Customer service becomes ineffective

  • The low level of credibility due to the absence of a verified green tick makes customers doubtful
  • Limited customer reach, WhatsApp Business account can only reach a certain number of customers
  • Replying to customer messages manually makes the customer service slow and ineffective

Provide the best experience for your customers

Increase team performance and productivity

No more wasted time switching and coordinating from one platform to another

Complete all tasks with a centralized system

  • Integrate with omnichannel system and access different social media in one platform
  • Improve collaboration between teams by accessing one WhatsApp number for multiple agents
  • Monitor orders and tickets according to stages automatically on the Kanban board display
Complete all tasks with a centralized system

Completion of tasks becomes complicated

  • Complicated switching apps to reply to all customer messages from different channels
  • Access to WhatsApp numbers is limited and cannot be used by multiple agents on one platform
  • The operational process is confusing because there is no easy 360-degree display
Completion of tasks becomes complicated

Simplify and streamline business process

Automatic service available 24/7 without limit

No more losing customers and increase loyalty with 24/7 service

Providing the best experience for customers

Providing the best experience for customers

  • Have a robot virtual assistant (chatbot) respond to each customer automatically
  • Custom and advanced routing agents to share every incoming message automatically
  • Get interactive analytical reports on all customer interactions through a single dashboard
Limited service for customers

Limited service for customers

  • Low customer satisfaction because customers need to wait a long time to get a reply
  • Overlapping of tasks occurs due to the absence of a fair custom routing agent system
  • Difficult to understand customers due to lack of interactive customer-related analytics reports

Automate your customer service

How does the WhatsApp Business API work?

WhatsApp Business is usually a small business with limited feature support, for example use only for 2 devices or 2 Admins.

While the WhatsApp API does not limit its use for many admins or multi devices. This will benefit the business because it can respond to customers more quickly. In addition, the WhatsApp Business API also has a chatbot virtual assistant that can do many things automatically.

Here are the benefits that businesses can get from using the WhatsApp Business API:

  • Can handle customers at once with just one WhatsApp number
  • Can serve customers 24 hours, non-stop.
  • Have a virtual assistant who helps your customer service work.
  • Equipped with an analysis report dashboard that makes it easy for you to unify all customer service activities through WA.
  • It can be integrated with CRM systems that can improve customer experience.
  • Improving customer service performance more quickly and efficiently.
  • Build customer loyalty and customers with the green tick feature.
  • Save on operational costs because the price of WhatsApp API chat is relatively affordable.
  • Equipped with an end-to-end encryption system that maintains the confidentiality of WhatsApp user data.
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