End-to-end CRM automation for logistics

Improve efficiency of logistics, transportation, and 3PL ops with a centralized system

A leading omnichannel CRM system tailored for transport and logistics businesses aimed at enhancing automation.

  • Trace all business activities in one dashboard
  • Make business decisions based on comprehensive reports
  • Track team members on the field in real-time
  • Provide support to teams to improve team performance remotely
  • Integrate with all business communication channels like WhatsApp

Omnichannel CRM for Logistics

Trusted by 35,000+ businesses in Southeast Asia

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Common challenges in logistics without Mekari Qontak's omnichannel CRM

Operational inefficiency
Operational inefficiency

Manual collection of delivery data increase chances of human error.

Excessive orders and inquiries
Excessive orders and inquiries

Influx of unmanageable orders and inquiries that are not handled by agents.

Difficulty in organising deliveries
Difficulty in organising deliveries

Planning and tracking process of deliveries difficult and fragmented, creating customer inconveniences.

No centralized platform

Difficult to reach customer service creates poor customer service experience

Shorten response time and improve customer retention

Shorten response time and improve customer retention

  • Simplify customer journeys by creating delivery orders and conveniently tracking statuses through WhatsApp
  • Swift responses of multiple agents throughout different channels on one integrated platform
  • Automatically share requested information 24/7 nonstop with chatbots
Slow service process

Slow service process

  • Customers must be physically present at an offline store to send deliveries and track delivery status
  • Admins must switch applications to check delivery requests and respond to customer inquiries
  • Customers must wait to be connected to a customer service agent to obtain information

Simplify delivery processes now

Improve customer service quality

Provide meaningful customer experiences by automation in delivery & logistics

Provide the best experience for customer satisfaction

  • Automatically answer customer inquiries regarding status tracking through WhatsApp
  • Record complaints and follow-up on clients automatically
  • Monitor agent performance through CSAT surveys to improve customer retention and loyalty
Provide the best experience for customer satisfaction

Immeasurable customer satisfaction rate

  • Difficulty to pinpoint deliveries as customers must be connected directly to agent
  • Agents must record complaints manually within the database before following up
  • Difficulty in measuring agent performance and customer satisfaction rate
Immeasurable customer satisfaction rate

Build and increase customer loyalty today

What is an omnichanel CRM for logistics used for?

The omnichannel CRM for logistics is designed for better customer service. From automatic recording and order management to mass marketing and complaint resolution, this comprehensive CRM ecosystem supports everything needed towards digitalization.

This CRM application holds features to manage all customer data within one platform. Equipped with reporting of all kinds of business activities, all relevant data is accessible in real-time.

Additionally, the omnichannel application is also integrated with other communication channels, which allows for trigger messages to be sent to customers both online and offline.

What are the benefits of an omnichannel CRM for logistics businesses?

  • Provide nonstop 24/7 customer service
  • Automatically respond to customers through chatbots
  • Store and manage all customer interactions within the CRM
  • One account to serve all customers through multiple devices
  • Send notifications, confirmations, promotions, and more through broadcast messages to thousands of contacts simultaneously
  • Report all activity through customer service, accessible in real-time
  • Integrate multiple channels such as WhatsApp API, Instagram API, Facebook, and more within one platform to provide a consistent customer experience journey

An omnichannel CRM simplifies online and offline customer service. All customer data is updated in real time and accessible anywhere.

The omnichannel connects multiple business accounts. This integration facilitates interaction with customers and patients throughout various communication channels.

The omnichannel CRM for logistics is developed to simplify processes and operations. When customers contact businesses through WhatsApp, interaction is automatically stored within the CRM.

Interactions activate an AI chatbot to respond according to flows. Should there be unresolved inquiries, the chatbot automatically directs leads to agents for further handling.

Furthermore, when deliveries are made, automatic reminders with status updates and confirmations are automatically sent.

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