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Transform your Sales, Marketing, and Customer engagement with Omnichat Panel

Experience the power of the Omnichat Panel feature, where seamless communication converges with cutting-edge efficiency. Save over 80% of valuable time wasted on customer communication across disparate business apps.

Connect every touchpoint of your business seamlessly and elevate engagement to forge a robust and unparalleled business experience.

Seamlessly integrate and manage omnichannel interactions with Mekari Qontak's Omnichat Panel


Omnichannel software for sales management

Unlocking more effective lead generation

  • Effortlessly monitor and manage prospects. Gain the upper hand in prospect management. Access multiple communication channels to unearth potential customers swiftly, eliminating the need to toggle between platforms.
  • Instant response to requests. Real-time notifications usher in heightened response rates, translating into increased opportunities for conversion due to timely momentum.”
  • Engage with intriguing initial conversations. With seamless chatbot integration, initiate captivating dialogues with potential customers, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

Advanced personalization unleashed

  • Delve deeper into preferences. Understand preferences at a granular level. Deliver offers that resonate, crafted from the rich tapestry of customer preferences, habits, and purchase history.
  • Messages tailored to behavior. Dispatch personally crafted messages that resonate. Target specific offers or product recommendations based on past purchase behaviors, creating an individualized experience.
  • Sustaining personalized conversations. Seamlessly maintain message consistency across all communication channels. Infuse a personal touch that echoes through every interaction, fortifying brand loyalty.

Elevate sales engagement to new heights

  • Uninterrupted conversations ahead. Extend the conversation horizon, catering to the prospects’ queries that may emerge down the line.
  • Follow-up nudges. Set reminders for follow-ups, ensuring timely engagements aligned with your schedule, promoting consistent and meaningful connections.
  • Real-time solutions at your fingertips. Centrally access product insights and sales guidance, offering real-time resolutions to prospects’ inquiries or concerns.

Omnichannel software for marketing management

Elevate your targeting and remarketing game

  • Delve deeper into segmentation. Craft deeper and more relevant segments using demographic data, online behaviors, and purchase history.
  • Precision in timely messaging. Maximize the opportune moment to increase responsiveness through scheduling and automated message delivery.
  • Tracking customer interactions. Trail customer interactions across diverse channels, offering insights tailored to preferences based on prior engagements.

Unveiling trends and preferences

  • Profound insight into behaviors. Uncover customer trends and interests to fine-tune the timing and content of campaigns.
  • Segmentation by preference. Create pinpointed segments for campaigns, delivering compelling, tailored messages that resonate with distinct audience clusters.
  • Anticipating future needs. Harness trend and preference analysis to foresee customer needs, guiding strategic decisions for the road ahead.

Elevate campaign conversion rates

  • Interactive engagements. Seamlessly integrate with chatbots to craft engaging campaigns, fostering rapid responses and higher conversions.
  • Precision in product recommendations. Serve up the most relevant product recommendations based on purchase history and customer preferences.
  • Vigilant campaign progress tracking. Monitor campaign attributions, spot conversion trends, and pivot strategies as needed.

Omnichannel software for customer support operations management

Swift issue resolution at your fingertips

  • Real-time notification features. Empower your customer service team with real-time notifications and active alerts, enabling them to swiftly address inquiries and issues.
  • Round-the-clock support team. Extend the safety net of customer assistance 24/7, ensuring solutions are readily available, even outside regular working hours.
  • Rapid and practical messaging. Maintain the cadence of seamless customer service and accelerate responses to common queries without compromising quality.

Deeper customer connections unveiled

  • Journey through interaction history. Access a tapestry of customer interactions across various channels, unveiling insights into past queries and solutions offered.”
  • Contextualized support experience. Leverage chat log history to deliver support with a contextual touch, preventing repetitive questions and enhancing the overall experience.”
  • Cultivating customer confidence. Foster a sense of recognition and value among customers, cultivating a fortified bond of trust between customers and your brand.

Effective prospect nurturing amplified

  • Proactive initial dialogues. Initiate conversations with hot prospects, furnishing product insights and posing questions to glean a deeper understanding of their needs.
  • Dispensing requisite information. Serve up pinpointed, relevant guidance, aiding prospects in crafting informed purchase decisions.
  • Propelling towards conversion. Steer prospects towards conversion. The customer service team adeptly shepherds prospects closer to the purchase journey.

Top Omnichat Panel software features to #PowerYourGrowth!

Why business choose the Omnichannel management software by Mekari Qontak


Free from installation, maintenance, and platform development expenses.

Secured data system

ISO 27001 certified with international standard procedures security system.

Dedicated support

Dedicated assistance from initial consulting, implementation, and after-sales.

No learning curve

Intuitive and user-friendly UI eliminates the need for product training.

Integration support

Super easy integration and a flexible API module according to business needs.

Ecosystem support

Networking support and empowerment with the professional Community in Indonesia.

Hear it first hand from our customers

Before using Qontak, CS agents must be placed on different media. Previously, each agent had to be on standby on a predetermined platform, either WhatsApp or Instagram.

Yuda Faisal Putra Operation Excellence Manager, Biteship

The need for information is increasing and handling it with just one person is very difficult. Until that time we saw Qontak offering a different system so we wanted to try using it.

Edwin Handoko Head of Talent Search and Admission, Universitas Maranatha
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Qontak Omnichat Panel?

Qontak Omnichat Panel is a standout feature within the Mekari Qontak Omnichannel application that seamlessly integrates diverse communication channels like web chat, social media, and instant messaging into a unified platform. It empowers businesses to efficiently manage customer and prospect interactions.

What benefits does Qontak Omnichat Panel offer for my business?

Qontak Omnichat Panel delivers remarkable advantages, including amplified lead generation, personalized messaging for enhanced conversions, heightened sales team engagement, and the capability to analyze customer behavior trends to optimize marketing strategies.

By connecting various communication channels within one platform, your sales team can swiftly unearth potential customers. The ability to promptly respond and initiate conversations can lead to higher conversion rates.

Leveraging analytical data, this platform comprehends customer behavior, enabling you to present relevant and personalized offers to prospects. This personalized approach increases conversion potential through tailored messaging.

Yes, indirectly Qontak Omnichat Panel is equipped with analytical data that helps marketing teams identify customer behavior trends, preferences, and needs, integrated directly with the Mekari Qontak CRM. This information aids in crafting more effective marketing strategies.

With AI-powered Chatbot capabilities, you can craft interactive and efficient marketing campaigns. Chatbots guide customers toward conversion via quick responses, product recommendations, and providing further information.

This platform enables customer service teams to swiftly address inquiries and issues, reducing response time and enhancing customer satisfaction. Interaction history aids in understanding issue context for more contextual support.

Support teams can initiate conversations with potential prospects, offering preliminary information and guiding them towards purchases. This can contribute to overall business growth by successfully converting prospects into customers.

Qontak Omnichat Panel fosters team collaboration in managing customer and prospect interactions. Shared notes and internal collaboration features ensure comprehensive solutions provided to customers.

Yes, Qontak Omnichat Panel can be adapted for various industries and business sizes, including e-commerce, financial services, hospitality, education, retail, health, FMCG and more. It is designed to help businesses improve interactions and relationships with customers, as well as optimize marketing and sales efforts.

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