Omnichannel hotel & hospitality CRM

Improve hospitality customer service up to 80%

Serve customers everywhere they are with the Omnichannel CRM to build better customer relationships.

  • Centralize customer service from various channels within one platform
  • Send notifications and promotional messages to thousands of contacts simultaneously
  • Activate the Chatbot for automatic responses
  • Chronological display of customer interaction

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Challenges faced by the hospitality industry without Mekari Qontak's omnichannel CRM

Multiple business numbers
Multiple business numbers

Different phone numbers for each division creates confusion for customers.

Unclear flow of reservation
Unclear flow of reservation

Difficult for customers to interact directly with the reservation or other service agents.

Hard to retain and remarket
Hard to retain and remarket

Post-sales promotional email messages are often ignored by customers.

Improve efficiency of sales processes and customer service

Centralize all customer services and automate sales processes to gain more revenue

Simplify customer service

Simplify customer service

  • Seamless all-in-one support contact using one number for multiple agents
  • Serve customers 24/7 using automated messages
  • Send unlimited mass promotional information to potential customers
Disorganised customer service processes

Disorganised customer service processes

  • Multiple numbers create confusion on which number to be contacted by the customers
  • Customers wait too long to be served by a customer service agent
  • Rigid and unnatural responses to customers might appear unfriendly

Automate your customer service now

Accelerate reservation processes up to 70%

Customers can simply make inquiries from their preferred communication channels

Increase customer loyalty

  • Send instant notifications or schedule reminders automatically through WhatsApp
  • Increase engagement with personalized and interactive messages
  • Boost customer loyalty with a better customer satisfaction report and review
Increase customer loyalty

Difficulty to monitor business activities and conditions

  • Manual notifications to inform reservations and other customer requests
  • Employee reviews are done manually from reports based on handwritten notes
  • Difficulty to measure customer satisfaction as data is fragmented
Difficulty to monitor business activities and conditions

Increase sales through meaningful engagement

What is an omnichannel CRM for hotels and hospitality?

An omnichannel CRM for the hospitality industry is a tool that allows hospitality managers to benefit from the improvement of marketing reach, lead generation, and customer service.

These benefits of the CRM application include data collection, automation, segmentation, personalized marketing, and more. In this manner, businesses relate better to customers to provide a 5-star experience right from the start.

What are the benefits of using the omnichannel CRM for hotels and accommodations?

  • Keep all data of leads and customers centralized within one platform
  • Enable the chatbot for automated replies
  • Reports of all customer service activity accessible in real-time
  • Send notifications, promotions, and other information to thousands of contacts with the WhatsApp API broadcast feature
  • Build customer loyalty with better comprehension of customer needs
  • Monitor success rates of sales through multiple business channels

The CRM simplifies and enables the best online and offline customer service. All patient data updates in real-time.

Multiple communication channels are integrated and consolidated into one platform. This integration facilitates interaction with customers and patients throughout various engagements.

  • Manage inquiries and customer service
  • Automate invoices, quotations, and reminders
  • Blast messages for outreach and engagement
  • Integrate omnichannel for customer experience
  • Manage teams, tasks and databases with ease
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