Best omnichannel CRM for operations

Minimize operational activity into one unified platform

Reduce administrative burden by automating all operational processes into the CRM platform for operations

  • Automate repetitive tasks from the CRM application dashboard
  • Get real-time performance reports
  • Get unlimited access to user data in our CRM for operations
  • Improve collaboration between team members without switching between applications

Omnichannel crm for operations team

Challenges faced by operations team without CRM software

Manual data-input
Manual data-input

Higher risks of human error by inputting data manually.

Uncentralized data
Uncentralized data

Data is stored in many different files and platforms.

Untrack sales
Untrack sales

Unability to track sales and their activities in real-time.

Effectively improve team productivity

Monitor all business activities from sales to service within all-inclusive platform

Centralized business insights in real-time

Centralized business insights in real-time

  • Holistic perspective through a 360-degree view to gain extensive business perspectives
  • Modify all reports according to needs for the most comprehensive data and information
  • Visualize and customize pipelines to manage sales, orders, and tickets
  • A flexible open API to simplify integration and communication with other business systems and accounts
No real-time information on business activities and progress

No real-time information on business activities and progress

  • Delayed reports cause difficulty in understanding the informations
  • Reports are non-customizable and only have default settings
  • Sales management becomes a hassle since the pipelines are not customizable
  • No flexible and open API feature to simplify integration and business communications

Push sales team's performance to new heights

Improve sales team's performance and productivity

Make better decisions with accurate reports and analysis

Improved sales and operations processes

  • Easily track your team with a real-time GPS tracker
  • Identify sales and business trends weekly, monthly or annually
  • Automated deal and order notifcations to avoid missed sales
  • Integrate with various social media for comprehensive sales information
Improved sales and operations processes

Automate all business operations now

  • Inablity to monitor team's mobility with real-time GPS tracker
  • Difficulty to identify trends, as there are no simple timeline features for review
  • Lost sales opportunities without automatic reminders and notifications
  • A hassle to switch between applications to obtain information from various sales channels
Automate all business operations now

Make the move towards automated operations

What is the omnichannel CRM for operations?

The omnichannel for CRM is a software to simplify business operations through automation. It takes note of repetition, creates automated sales reports, manages inventory and much more.

Take advantage of the CRM’s additional features to roll out marketing strategies for strong brand awareness, campaigns and other developments according to current trends.

What are the benefits of using the omnichannel CRM for operations?

  • Higher retention rates
  • More sales revenue
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Obtain more references and recommendations
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Provide quick responses to inquiries through automated chatbot
  • Automate data management and collection from customer
  • 360 View and Analysis Report
  • Task delegation and KPI tracking
  • Omnichannel chat (WhatsApp API, Instagram API, email and more)
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Mobile application access
  • Document automation
  • Integration with applications to support more sales

If customers were interested in your marketing content on your Instagram, customers would seek more information on your website. In this case, the omnichannel will forward customers’ journey to the website once the provided link is clicked, without leaving the page. Something similar can also be done in other communication or social media channels.

All customer activity will be automatically saved within the CRM. Users can revise this information in future for review, and to better understand customer needs, as well as to design more relevant marketing campaigns or business strategies to their audience.

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