The ultimate CRM for customer service

Enhance customer satisfaction with accelerated team productivity

Manage and monitor all CS-related issues, and solve recurring complaints automatically from one dashboard

  • Integrate chat, social media & major communication channels effortlessly
  • Generate and handle customer tickets automatically
  • Respond to customer messages and calls automatically
  • Call using VOIP telephony technology anywhere, anytime
  • Complete customer service solutions at an affordable price

Omnichannel crm-customer service team

Customer Service Challenges without Omnichannel CRM

Manual recording of complaints
Manual recording of complaints

Agents must record all incoming complaints manually with the risk of human errors and miscommunication

Disappointed customers
Disappointed customers

Long waiting time for customer service responses create distress for confused and unhappy customers

Incoherent complaint handling
Incoherent complaint handling

Due to decentralized and uncoordinated platforms, customers are forced to repeat their complaints to multiple agents

Delight customers with an integrated CRM designed for customer service

Customize your CRM software with our advanced end-to-end platform to increase team productivity and customer satisfaction

Unify customer experience across channels

Unify customer experience across channels

  • Quickly respond from multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Telegram email, and more
  • Comprehensively monitor CS team performance, from response times to customer satisfaction score metrics
  • Automate every interaction using chatbots along with scheduled & personalized WhatsApp messages
Limited metric tracking and unhappy customers

Limited metric tracking and unhappy customers

  • Separated customer service channels make it difficult for agents to respond fast and consistent
  • Unable to monitor CS teams' performance or measure their improvements accurately
  • Limited interaction time, as agents are only available during operating hours

Increase customer satisfaction with the best CRM software

Improve customer service efficiency up to more than 80%

Conveniently customize a business dashboard while managing all tickets and processes in a unified system

Streamline your workflows

  • Easily drag and drop all active tickets or deals within one simple CRM system
  • Shorten resolution time by assigning available agents automatically
  • Eliminate missed tickets by prioritizing them according to the urgency that comes with automatic reminders
Streamline your workflows

Unsatisfied customers churn due to poor customer service

  • Customers feel neglected and misunderstood as a result of repetitive and unhelpful service
  • Long waiting times for real agent responses promote disatisfaction from customers
  • Customers turn to competitors without a chance for customer service agents to confront issues
Unsatisfied customers churn due to poor customer service

Build strong customer service and achieve customer satisfaction

What is an Omnichannel CRM for customer service?

An Omnichannel CRM is an application that makes it easier for customer service teams to collect, manage, respond to, and report requests from customers.

This customer service software is the right solution for businesses to improve their customer service quality. This application is equipped with complete features for businesses to serve customers easier.

What are the advantages of Omnichannel CRM?

  • Increase customer retention
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer service quality
  • Create better work efficiency
  • Build better team collaboration
  • Get accurate business reports and analysis in real-time
  • 360° View Analysis Report
  • Omnichannel chat (WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, and more)
  • Mobile app access
  • AI chatbot solutions and implementation
  • Cloud-based call center software to manage incoming and outgoing call services
  • Integrate with other supporting applications
  • Task management and KPI tracking
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