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Create Better Customer Relationships with Best Customer Service

Manage and monitor your customer support with centralized customer service software.

  • Serve customers from whichever channel they use.
  • Automatic customer response in just seconds.
  • Provide 24/7 customer service with the help of a chatbot
  • Streamline customer service operational costs

Mekari Qontak's customer service software is trusted by more than 3500 companies in Indonesia

Benefit of Mekari Qontak Customer Service Software


Faster service

The customer service software has an automation system that is able to respond to requests instantly.


Increases Loyalty

The customer service team works better to create customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Improve Productivity

Reduce team workload with customer service software, so they can focus on serving customers.


Centralized service

Customer service software are easy to integrate with the various communication channels that businesses use.

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty

Better and enjoyable service management at every stage of the customer journey

Ready to serve customers anytime

Ready to serve customers anytime

  • Serve customers on any platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, and more from one unified platform
  • Personalized customer interactions to increase customer engagement and build their loyalty
  • Serving customers 24 hours non-stop with a chatbot that will answer customer questions automatically
Decentralized customer service

Decentralized customer service

  • Serve customers on different channels so you have to repeat the question if you switch communication channels
  • Customer information is stored in each communication channel which makes it difficult to identify customers
  • The service is only available during operating hours, so customers have to wait a long time to get a solution

Increase customer loyalty easily

Increase customer service efficiency up to 80%

Organize and manage tickets into a single view of the customer service software that can be tailored to business needs

Accelerate service without losing customers

  • Kanban visualization with drag & drop that makes it easy to track all customer tickets
  • Improve collaboration teams so resolution times are increased and there are no more miscommunications
  • Prioritize tickets with urgent needs with automatic reminders, so no more missed customer’s tickets
Accelerate service without losing customers

Prone to lose customers

  • Difficulty tracking tickets that are still active due to the large number of incoming tickets from all channels
  • Coordination between teams is often problematic because they have to switch platforms to communicate
  • Abandoned tickets because it is difficult to monitor customer tickets that are piled up with new tickets
Prone to lose customers

Streamline your customer service process

Automate tasks with customer service software

Increase customer engagement and loyalty with scheduled and automated reminder delivery

Build a closer relationship with customers

Build a closer relationship with customers

  • Personalize each message according to the customer profile so as to strengthen the customer relationship
  • Prepare messages for customers on a scheduled basis as needed and send automatically without any hassle
  • Get customer engagement information from reports sent, read and more in one dashboard view
Difficult to track customer activity

Difficult to track customer activity

  • Difficult to understand customer needs because data is not managed centrally
  • Sending manual messages to every customer risks missing something
  • Customer interactions are never tracked therefore lots of missing info

Minimize repetitive administrative tasks with customer service software

What is a customer service software?

Customer service software is a tool used to collect, manage, respond to, and report requests from customers.

Customer service software is the right solution for those of you who want to improve customer service. This application has complete features that make it easier for businesses to serve customers.

In general, customer service software is integrated with CRM software to support customer service activities and business sales. In addition, this application can also open other business communication channels, such as the WhatsApp API, Call Center and Omnichannel.

  • Increase customer retention
  • Get customer satisfaction
  • Customer service software can also help improve the quality of customer service
  • Creating work efficiency
  • Build better teamwork
  • Have accurate business reports and analysis in real time
  • Collect: collect user inquiries based on their needs or interests.
  • Organize: manage all incoming interactions in one database.
  • Collaboration: facilitate coordination between one team and another so that they can provide the best service for customers.
  • Autoresponder: reply to customer requests automatically.
  • Integration: connecting customer service software with other application.
  • Analytics reports: display the performance of your customer service agents in real time.
  • Manage customer data automatically
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Integration with multiple business channels
  • Manage performance customer service team better
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