Ticket Management System

Faster ticketing follow-up for better customer engagement!

Track, prioritize, and respond to customer requests faster and more accurately

  • Easily generate, manage, and access customer tickets through CRM and Omnichannel integration.
  • Manage customer requests wisely by prioritizing tickets based on urgency and complexity.
  • Monitor every interaction with customers to ensure each request is handled comprehensively.
  • Respond to customer requests faster, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Easily integrate with your existing business tools to maximize operational efficiency.
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Customer ticket management system top features by CRM Mekari Qontak

Sleek ticket handling mastery

  • Ticketing service. Easy and intuitive navigation for ticket generation from your Omnichannel automatically.
  • Automatic categorization. Automatically categorize tickets based on request type, streamlining the management process.

Strategic request prioritization

  • Automatic Priority Assignment. The system analyzes the urgency and complexity of requests to determine priorities.
  • Automatic Ticket Assignment. Tickets are allocated to the right team members based on expertise and current workload.

Vivid customer interactions chronicle

  • Comprehensive interaction history. Every interaction with the customer, including past conversations, is stored for reference.
  • Ticket update notifications. Customers are automatically informed of the latest developments in their tickets.

Dynamic ticket performance insights

  • Reports and analysis. View ticket performance metrics, including average resolution time and customer satisfaction.
  • Identify trends. Recognize patterns or trends in customer requests to enhance service in the future.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ticketing Management System in CRM Mekari Qontak?

Ticketing Management System is a feature of Mekari Qontak CRM that allows you to manage and prioritize requests from customers or your internal team to be more efficient, fast and accurate.

How do i manage customer tickets with this system?

You can manage tickets through an intuitive interface that allows for automatic classification and priority assignment.

Agent will have the flexibility to customize the system flow to automatically assign priorities based on the complexity.

Yes, every interaction with customers, including previous conversations, is recorded for reference.

You can view ticket performance reports and identify trends to enhance service in the future.

Yes, customers will be automatically notified of the latest developments in their tickets.

Yes, you have full flexibility to customize priorities and ticket classifications as needed.

This integration allows for the automatic recording of achievements, ensuring contributors are acknowledged for their efforts.

You can start by registering for a Mekari Qontak account and accessing this feature from your dashboard. Our support team is ready to assist you with initial steps.

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