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Boost engagement & revenue - use WhatsApp broadcast to target customers at scale

Achieve your sales and marketing goals to reach broader audiences at scale with the official WhatsApp broadcast for business.

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  • Send bulk broadcast WhatsApp messages automatically or scheduled
  • Increase customer experience with personalized messages on WhatsApp
  • Use WhatsApp CTA on Meta Ads to analyze the customers behavior
  • Increase customer trusts with WhatsApp official green tick badge

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Feature differences

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business API
  • Maximum Broadcast Recipients
256 contacts
10,000+ contacts (depending on provider)
  • Message Personalization
Yes (with templates)
Yes (with templates and tags)
  • Multimedia Messaging
  • WhatsApp Business Profile
  • Automated Messaging
Yes (with Away Message)
Yes (with template and Chatbot)
  • Customer Support
Yes (with Quick Replies and Automated Messages)
Yes (with Chatbot and integration with CRM system)
  • Analytics and Reporting
Basic analytics (message delivery and read receipts)
Advanced analytics (message delivery, read receipts, and more)

“Qontak’s WhatsApp API really helps us to focus more on customers, and chat with them directly. WhatsApp makes our communication easier and more personal.”

Angela Vanesia HalimBusiness and Finance Manager Raiz Invest

4x faster agent response time

“With WhatsApp Chatbot, our team’s resolve time is quicker since the students will only ask questions other than the ones provided by our Chatbot .”

Yudhistira VictoriaAdmissions Manager Prasetiya Mulya

100% increase on communication efficiency

“Every complaint is easier & quicker to be solved with WhatsApp API. And at the same time it increases our sales since we’re able to reach more customers using WhatsApp.”

Cindy OzzieCo-Founder Pasarnow

75% increase in customer satisfaction index

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why use WhatsApp broadcast software?

WhatsApp broadcast software allows you to send a single message to multiple contacts simultaneously, saving time and effort when communicating with a large group of people.

Mekari Qontak is an official partner of the WhatsApp API that provides a secure WhatsApp broadcast service. This means that users can broadcast messages to all their contacts without the fear of being blocked.

Additionally, users’ WhatsApp accounts can be integrated with omnichannel and CRM applications, making it easier to manage and monitor all business activities in one place.

What is the maximum limit of WhatsApp group?

The maximum limit of a WhatsApp group is up to 1.024 participants.

WhatsApp Broadcast is limited to sending messages to a maximum of 256 contacts simultaneously. Additionally, the recipient contacts or numbers must be saved on your device.

If you send too many messages in a short amount of time, your account may be deemed spam and blocked by WhatsApp.

If you send a broadcast message on WhatsApp, it will only be received by people who have saved your phone number in their contacts. The message will appear in their chat list as an individual message.

You can send bulk messages with WhatsApp Blast, a WhatsApp Business API feature that you can get from official WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSP) such as Mekari Qontak.

Here are the steps to send bulk messages on WhatsApp Business API without broadcasting:

  • Integrate with an official BSP, such as Mekari Qontak
  • Create a message template
  • Get approval for message templates
  • Upload contact lists
  • Create bulk messages
  • Send bulk messages
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