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How knowledge base system works

Challenges faced by CS agents
without a knowledge base feature

Increased resolution time

Agents spend more time searching for answers or verifying information, resulting in slower response and resolution times.

Inconsistent information delivery

Agents could provide inconsistent or outdated information, leading to confused and frustrated customers.

Reduced customer satisfaction

The long flow to access accurate information make agents struggle to resolve issues efficiently, leading to lower customer satisfaction ratings.

Knowledge center for internal
and external problem solving

Comprehensive knowledge storage

Without Mekari Qontak
  • Agents struggle with scattered knowledge from various sources, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Resolving issues and inquiries takes longer as agents spend time sorting through scattered documents.
  • The lack of a centralized knowledge base makes it difficult for teams to collaborate effectively and maintain consistent responses.
With Mekari Qontak
  • Effortlessly create, publish, edit, and manage knowledge base comprehensively.
  • Organize knowledge into categories and implement tag indexing for easy finding.
  • Access knowledge base internally and externally through a personalized URL.

Seamless agent integration

Without Mekari Qontak
  • Agents must open multiple tabs to locate and share information from various sources.
  • Time-consuming process of copying and pasting information into chatpanel, leading to slower response times and reduced efficiency.
  • Increased room for errors due to the lack of integration, leading to potential inaccuracies in information provided to customers.
With Mekari Qontak
  • Agents can quickly find accurate informations from the chatpanel.
  • Knowledge articles are searchable from the chatpanel based on relevant title keywords.
  • Effortlessly share the URL of knowledge articles to customers.

A holistic ecosystem for
customer support

Case study

Inefficient customer service processes?

The knowledge base system supports you to store all information in a structured manner to increase the efficiency of your business customer service.

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Client testimonials
Image by Mekari

Previously, we had to send articles one by one to customers which was time consuming. With Mekari Qontak's knowledge base, we can provide complete guidance and information to customers, such as how to make bookings at outlets, in an efficient and structured way.

Ardita Olivia Customer Care, Sir Salon
Case study

Can't find accurate information quickly?

The knowledge base system lets you access information in a centralized platform and share it with customers quickly to maintain superior service quality.

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Client testimonials
Image by Mekari

Mekari Qontak's knowledge base feature has brought great benefits in increasing the efficiency of our team. We can provide updated information to agents quickly and easily in the same dashboard. This speeds up lead times and improves the quality of our customer service. Additionally, this feature also improves collaboration between our team members.

Hadrian Pratama Customer Relation Head, TRAC
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a knowledge base system?

A knowledge base system is a centralized and structured repository of information and data. It acts as a bank for knowledge about your company, products, and FAQs.

How does Mekari Qontak's knowledge base system help my business?

Internally, a knowledge base system can house various types of information, including internal policies, updates, onboarding materials, strategies, summaries, company values, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Externally, a knowledge base system helps to enhance your customer service quality by providing a self-service platform that is accessible 24/7 by your agent or customers. You can store answers to common questions or information about a product, service, or specific topics.

Mekari Qontak Knowledge base offers crucial benefits for your customer support team:

  • Frees agents from the exhausting process of juggling multiple information sources, allowing them to handle a higher volume of inquiries and focus more on engaging with customers.
  • Increases the accuracy and relevance of responses, directly contributing to a better customer service experience.
  • Significantly reduces the time agents spend searching for information, enabling them to answer customer questions more quickly and efficiently.

Yes, articles that are created and stored in the knowledge base system will have a URL that is accessible to both internal and external parties.

There are two easy ways for agent to access the articles in the knowledge base:

  1. From knowledge center dashboard
  2. Chatpanel

Additionally, all information are searchable by typing relevant title keywords.

Empower your team with a centralized knowledge management from Mekari Qontak

Together we redefine excellence in customer support.

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