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Optimize 80% of Omnichannel Management with AI based Chatbot!

Automate your communication and engagement through customizable chat flows, instant responses, and cutting-edge AI Chatbot integration to streamline your business processes!

  • Efficient engagement. Simplify customer interactions with dynamic chat flows, provide quick and accurate responses, and elevate customer satisfaction.
  • Personalized experiences. Harness NLP integration to offer contextual answers, creating personalized and delightful experiences.
  • 24/7 service and scalability. Ensure round-the-clock service availability while your team focuses on other tasks to drive business growth.

Strengthen your Omnichannel Management with AI Chatbot!

Chat flow

Enhance engagement and precision in conversions!

  • Seamless conversation paths. Craft interactive chat flows to elevate engagement, leading to seamless conversions.
  • Personalized user journeys. Tailor chat flows with customized options, ensuring unique and relevant interactions.
  • Automated responses. Build logic-based responses for customer choices, from product details to sales meetings.
  • Effortless configuration. Align Chatbot with your business processes without complex coding or technical skills.
  • Optimized sales funnels. Map chat flows to enhance the buyer’s journey, transforming prospects into loyal customers.
Chat button

Instant responses at your fingertips!

  • Rapid resolution system. Accommodate customers with instant access to answers, reduce response times, and elevate satisfaction.
  • 24/7 availability. The chat button ensures customers receive assistance anytime, even when agents are offline.
  • Intelligent self-service. Enable customers to find needed information without waiting for an agent.
  • Lead generation powerhouse. Capture prospects efficiently, converting inquiries into potential sales opportunities.
  • Engagement during waiting times. Maintain customer engagement in queues, reducing frustration and enhancing experiences.
Chat Button

Understand, engage, and deepen connections with Natural Language Processing!

  • Contextually aware responses. Empower Chatbot to comprehend customer intent, skipping unnecessary options.
  • Human-like conversations. Accommodate natural interactions, eliminating the “robotic” feel that frustrates customers.
  • Ongoing AI learning. Chatbot learns from interactions, becoming more adept at understanding inquiries over time.
  • Instant and real-time insights. Uncover insights and make data-driven decisions, gaining deeper customer understanding.
  • Keyword-driven personalization. Train Chatbot to recognize specific keywords for tailored responses.
ChatGPT Integration

Tingkatkan kualitas komunikasi dengan dukungan Airene Powered by OpenAI

  • Automated conversation summaries. Automate customer-agent conversation summaries for insights without manual scrolling.
  • Real-time sentiment insights. Interpret sentiment and customer satisfaction scores in real time, enabling faster issue resolution.
  • Message paraphrasing and expansion. Effortlessly paraphrase agent responses, ensuring consistency, clarity, and topic expansion.
  • Elevated agent support. Aid agents in crafting more effective and engaging messages tailored to customer inquiries.
  • Data-driven message optimization. Refine strategies over time, producing impactful and relevant conversations.
integrasi chatgpt (airene)

Why do businesses choose to manage Omnichannel with Mekari Qontak AI-based Chatbot


Free from installation, maintenance, and platform development expenses.

Secured data system

ISO 27001 certified with international standard procedures security system.

Dedicated support

Assistance from initial consulting, implementation, and after-sales.

No learning curve

Intuitive and user-friendly UI eliminates the need for product training.

Integration support

Super easy integration and a flexible API module according to business needs.

Ecosystem support

Networking support and empowerment with the community in Indonesia.

From taking up to 10 minutes for just one person, it now takes only 5 minutes as they mainly ask questions beyond the Chatbot’s capability. The change is evident – much more responsiveness is observed. Previously, about 10 out of 500 would arrive without completing registration; now, this number has decreased by half.

Yudhistira Victoria Admissions Manager, Prasetiya Mulya

We can directly track how fast and how credible our agents are in providing solutions. This data also serves as our monthly or quarterly evaluation material to enhance their productivity and competence.

Yuda Faisal Putra Operation Excellence Manager
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is AI Chatbot from Mekari Qontak?

AI Chatbot Mekari Qontak is an AI-based intelligent virtual assistant designed to revolutionize customer interaction and service in Omnichannel management. This powerful add-on integrates with artificial intelligence and Omnichat Panel features, empowering businesses to deliver personalized, efficient, and 24/7 customer service and engagement.

How does the AI Chatbot Add-on work with Omni Chatpanel?

The AI Chatbot Add-on integrates seamlessly with Omni Chatpanel, allowing you to design dynamic chat flows, provide instant answers through the Chat Button, and leverage NLP capabilities for contextual responses. It complements the Chatpanel’s capabilities, automating routine tasks and delivering personalized interactions.

  1. Streamlined Interactions. The AI Chatbot Add-on facilitates efficient and organized conversations with customers, guiding them through their inquiries with interactive chat flows.
  2. Instant Customer Support. Customers can receive immediate answers through the Chat Button, reducing wait times and enhancing their overall experience.
  3. Personalized Experiences. NLP integration enables the AI Chatbot to understand customer intent, delivering contextually aware and human-like responses.
  4. Increased Productivity. By automating repetitive tasks, the Chatbot Add-on frees up your team’s time, allowing them to focus on high-value interactions.
  5. 24/7 Availability. The Chatbot AI is available round-the-clock, ensuring customers receive support and information whenever they need it.

Yes, the AI Chatbot Add-on is highly customizable. You have the flexibility to design chat flows, set logic-based responses, and train the AI to recognize specific keywords for personalized interactions. This customization ensures the Chatbot AI aligns perfectly with your business needs and brand voice.

The AI-based Chatbot is designed to augment your team’s capabilities, not replace them. It automates routine tasks, provides instant support, and handles common inquiries, allowing your human agents to focus on complex issues and building stronger customer relationships.

AI Chatbot feature is versatile and applicable across various industries and business sizes. Whether you’re an e-commerce company, a tech startup, or a global enterprise, the Chatbot AI Add-on can be tailored to meet your specific needs and enhance your customer interactions.

Getting started is easy! Simply contact us here. Our support team will guide you through the setup process, and you can start designing chat flows and leveraging the NLP capabilities to enhance your customer engagement.

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