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Accelerate your Business by using Chatbot

Simplify every stage of your sales and customer service with Chatbot. Then Help your team and customers reach their goals faster.

Accelerate your Business by using Chatbot

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Benefit of using chatbot


Get potential leads

Reach leads proactively using personalized chatbot greetings.


Create sales opportunities

Drive customers in sales through recommended purchases and customized offers.


Simplify the sales process

Allow customers to easily purchase, book, or schedule meetings using a chatbot.


Optimize customer support

Offer consistent support across channels and let customers solve problems at any time.

Build a better customer experience

Creating meaningful customer experiences to drive your business growth.

Serve customers whenever needed

Serve customers whenever needed

  • Serve customers 24/7 on all channels they use (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Quickly resolve customer issues using visuals and interactive forms to shorten times
  • Personalize each message reply so your team can focus on more challenging cases
Messages are not responded to immediately

Messages are not responded to immediately

  • Businesses have limited operating hours for agents to be able to reply to customer messages
  • Customers have to wait long time to get admin reply and gives solution of their problem
  • Messages are replied to based on templates that tend to seem stiff and unfriendly

Increase customer satisfaction

Streamline customer service up to 80%

Use chatbots to answer questions with templates that can be tailored to business needs

Increase employee productivity

  • Optimize team productivity by providing automated answers so they can focus on the more important cases
  • Set up a message automation system for sending reminders, notifications, marketing, and so on
  • Advanced routing agent system that will share every incoming message automatically to available agents
Increase employee productivity

Employee workload overload

  • Agents are overwhelmed to manually answer every incoming customer message
  • Missed incoming customer messages due to too many overlapping messages
  • Agents have to manually select messages which is inconvenient and risky to scrambled
Employee workload overload

Improve the performance of your employees

Increase customer interaction and loyalty

Automate your customer service using a Chatbot to respond to all requests in seconds

Accelerate your customer service

Accelerate your customer service

  • Create custom chatbot flows to build natural conversations with customers just like humans
  • Increase customer interaction by creating an intuitive chat menu that customers can choose from
  • Automated order and ticketing processes by sending product catalogs and take orders
Ineffective customer service

Ineffective customer service

  • Customer conversations faltered due to agents busy replying to messages from other customers
  • Admin has to answer the same questions from different customers over and over
  • Admins have to switch applications to manually record messages to go to the next stage

Acquire loyal customers now

What are WhatsApp chatbots?

WhatsApp chatbot is a virtual robot with artificial intelligence (AI) on the WhatsApp application. This virtual robot is able to imitate human conversations in the form of text messages or voices.

  1. Sign up for BSP WhatsApp Mekari Qontak
  2. Login to Chat Panel
  3. Plan the conversation that will take place
  4. Submit conversation flow

The main function of a chatbot is customer service that serves customers. But apart from that, Bots also have other functions, such as:

  • Sending reminders and notifications to customers
  • Respond quickly to customer complaints and inquiries
  • Introducing the product catalog to customers
  • Submit ticket status and completion
  • Collect customer feedback

Chatbot is a robot with artificial intelligence AI (Artificial Intelligent) that is able to imitate human conversations in the form of text or voice messages. Chatbots carry out conversations using easy-to-understand language through messaging applications, websites, or mobile applications.

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