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Accelerate your service and sales with our WhatsApp Chatbot App

Increase sales and services without coding by using our WhatsApp chatbot app

  • 24-hour customer service
  • Friendly and familiar interface
  • Save costs and earn more
  • Build trust and loyalty with users
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

More than 3,500+ businesses in Indonesia uses Mekari Qontak Chatbot App

Telkom Indonesia
RHB Securities
Eka Hospital
Mayapada Hospital

Benefits of our Chatbot App


Lead generation

Reach leads proactively using personalized chatbot app greetings.


Connect and create sales

Customize offers to recommend purchases relevant to customer needs.


Simplify pipelines

Allow customers to easily purchase, book, or schedule meetings using our chatbot app.


Optimized customer support

Consistent access to customer service across channels guarantee greater user satisfaction.

Engage with customers with our Chatbot App

Drive business growth through better customer experience

Automated chatbot serves customers whenever needed

Automated chatbot serves customers whenever needed

  • Quickly respond from multiple channels: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, email, & more.
  • Shorten resolution time of customer issues using visuals and our interactive chatbot app.
  • Support your teams by helping them prioritise cases and personalise messages.
Unsatisfied customers due to long response time

Unsatisfied customers due to long response time

  • Limited operating hours impede agents from providing quick and helpful responses.
  • Prolonged problem-solving to customer issues create distress and mistrust.
  • Impersonal template-based responses do not directly identify with real user problems.

Automate repetitive and administrative processes

Streamline customer service up to 80%

Personalise Chatbot App messages to solve customer problems more efficiently

Increase your teams productivity with no hussle

  • Prioritise cases by providing automated Chatbot App responses to increase productivity.
  • Automate messaging systems for sending reminders, notifications, promotions and more.
  • Create custom chatbot app flows to build natural conversations with customers.
Increase your teams productivity with no hussle

Agents loads are not well distributed

  • Agents are overwhelmed to manually answer every incoming customer message
  • Missed incoming customer messages due to too many overlapping messages.
  • Agents have to manually select messages which is inconvenient and risky to scrambled
Agents loads are not well distributed

Help your team reach their true potential

Automate interaction for stronger customer loyalty

Respond to all requests within seconds using Mekari Qontak's Chatbot App.

Serve customers better

Serve customers better

  • Create custom chatbot app flows to build natural conversations with customers.
  • Increase efficiency of customer interaction by creating an intuitive chat menu that customers can choose from
  • Automate order and ticketing processes by sending product catalogues and initiating orders.
Customer service disorientation

Customer service disorientation

  • Disorganised conversations experienced by agents with no centralised system creates more stress for customers.
  • Repetitive question and answers without a streamlined help centre creates monotony and low customer service productivity.
  • Incoherent pipelines across several communication channels create overwhelm and inefficiency for agents to perform their best.

Identify and serve loyal customers now

What is a Chatbot App?

A Chatbot app is a responsive robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) on the WhatsApp Application. This Chatbot app AI is able to imitate human conversations in the form of text or voice messages.

Mekari Qontak is the official WhatsApp API partner that provides state-of-the-art technology to suit your business needs. In addition to the Chatbot app, integrate your online channels with other features such as Call Center Applications, CRM Software and Omnichannel Systems to unify communication channels with ease.

  1. Sign up for a BSP WhatsApp Mekari Qontak.
  2. Login to Mekari Qontak’s Chat Panel.
  3. Provide the inquiry scenario and script.
  4. Submit the customised conversation flow.
  • Pattern Matching: the bot scans keywords and chooses responses with answers that best matches the keyword (based on similar word pattern).
  • Decision-Making Tree: customers can easily choose their questions provided by the Chatbot App at the beginning of the conversation.
  • Natural Language: Bots can respond to customers, just like humans do.

Automated reminders and notifications to customers
Quick responses to customer complaints and inquiries
Simple sharing of product catalog to customers
Submission of ticket status and completion updates
Easy collection of customer feedback.

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