The best CRM software for retail businesses

Create a personal touch to every shopping experience with CRM for retail

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing a premium in-store and online experience

  • Unify customer data in a central hub for all division
  • Store customer journey and interactions automatically
  • Centralize all communication channels within one platform
  • Improve customer engagement by personalized messages

Omnichannel-CRM-for retail

Challenges in the retail industry without CRM

Uncentralized system
Uncentralized system

Overwhelming amount of inquiries to respond to in a short amount of time.

No personalization
No personalization

Every messages that customers received are mostly cold and hard-selling.

low engagement rate
low engagement rate

There isn’t any engagement after customers in-store experience.

Proivde the best customer service experience

Build a lasting relationship with your customers by guiding them every step of the way.

Effective to reach customers wherever they may be

Effective to reach customers wherever they may be

  • An omnichannel dashboard to manage all customers information
  • A personalized chatbot with 24/7 full time support for better customer service
  • Broadcast personalized messages to customers instantly on WhatsApp
Limited reach and interaction with customers

Limited reach and interaction with customers

  • low team efficiency due to managing customers from multiple channels and dahsboards
  • Lost customers due to being limited active hour of customer service
  • Low engagement due to no personalization in all communication channels

Give the best experience for your customers

Easily build a loyal customer base

Keep track of every step of the customers' journey from start to finish.

A well-recorded customer journey

  • Manage transactions easily and detect unfinished requests in 360-degree view pipeline
  • Track every customer journey in detail through contact management on timeline display
  • Monitor teamwork and milestones comprehensively with customizable reports
A well-recorded customer journey

Unclear history of customer journey

  • Low team productivity due to less automation for customer management
  • Difficutly in tracking customer journey due to the lack of reporting and analysis
  • There is no performance report due to lack of data stored and processed
Unclear history of customer journey

Automate process for better customer experience

What is the Omnichannel CRM for retail businesses?

The omnichannel CRM is an application used by retail businesses to support immediate completion of transactions. This software facilitates the sales processes through automation.

Additionally, the omnichannel CRM can be utilized to track sales teamwork progress in order to support KPI target reach. This software enables visualization of each step of the pipeline within one pipeline management display.

What are the benefits of the Omnichannel CRM?

  • Quicker transaction processes
  • Accurate data to make rapid business decisions
  • Automated inventory management
  • Build customer satisfaction with prime customer service through personalized chatbot.
  • Sales reporting accessible in real-time
  • Integration with WhatsApp API makes retailers possible to handle customers inquiries in less time
  • Increase sales and sales team productivity

The omnichannel CRM software is often used by retail businesses, F&B as well as many other relevant partners.

Businesses use this software to holistically manage operations, which include message-recording, inventory management, report generation and other functions automatically.

  • Database management
  • Lead generation and management
  • Sales report analysis
  • Sales pipeline visualization
  • Automated document generation
  • Simplified ticketing system
  • Holistic integration
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