Mekari Qontak complete features

The Best Features to Supercharge The Growth of Your Business

Our software is equipped with an end-to-end system to automate every stages of your business process.

One Omnichannel CRM software for all of your business needs

End-to-end contact management platform

Centralize your business contacts within one perfectly displayed platform, from beginning to end.

Comprehensive reports for better business decisions

The Omnichannel CRM by Qontak is equipped with reporting of agent performance, business insights and customer satisfaction.

Flexible systems accessible in real-time

Qontak is accessible anytime, anywhere, and customizable to suit all kinds of business needs.

What is the Omnichannel CRM software?

The Omnichannel CRM is a tool designed to support enterprises build better customer relations. The combination of the Omnichannel and the CRM creates ease of sales and customer service processes.

What are the benefits of the Omnichannel CRM?

The Omnichannel CRM has features to monitor all sales and customer data management activity. Additionally, other benefits include:

  • Sales team tracking and KPI monitoring
  • Improve database and information management
  • Increase customer retention
  • Raise customer satisfaction
  • Better sales management
  • Create operational efficiency
  • Gain more sales
  • Boost collaboration between teams
  • Obtain accurate and analytical business reports in real-time

The Omnichannel CRM simplifies the operational flow of businesses by automatically storing and managing database within on eplatform. Data is accessible and displayed on a 360 perspective. This helps businesses provide the best customer service experience as possible.

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