Mekari Qontak

Omnichannel CRM program with the best features

The best Omnichannel CRM programs have end-to-end systems that automate and accelerate your business.

Omnichannel CRM program with the best features

All-in-one Omnichannel CRM program for all your business needs

The end-to-end contact management platform

Centralize your business contacts into one platform that is perfectly logged from start to finish

Comprehensive reports for better business decisions

Qontak’s Omnichannel CRM program has complete reports from agent performance, business, to customer satisfaction

A flexible and easy-to-access real-time system

Qontak can be accessed anywhere and anytime, and can be customized as needed to meet your business needs

What is the Omnichannel CRM program?

Omnichannel CRM program is a tool designed to help a company or business create better customer relationships. The combination of Omnichannel and CRM makes the sales and customer service process seamless.

Omnichannel CRM CRM program briefly has the function of monitoring sales activities and managing customer databases. Apart from that, other important benefits of using the Omnichannel CRM program are:

  • Track sales team and sales KPIs
  • Improve contact or database management
  • Increase customer retention
  • Get customer satisfaction
  • Improve sales management
  • Creating work efficiency
  • Increase sales
  • Creating good collaboration between teams
  • Get accurate and real-time business analysis reports

The way the Omnichannel CRM program works is that it simplifies the flow of business operations by automatically storing and managing databases in one platform. The data can be accessed with a 360-degree perspective. This helps businesses provide a better customer experience.

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