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Turn users into loyal customers with Instagram API message automation

Reach and serve customers right within Instagram to meet them where they are.

  • Provide non-stop 24/7 customer service
  • Automated DM replies with our AI chatbot
  • Accelerate customer service and sales
  • Instagram integration multiple business platforms

Instagram Messenger API

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Challenges faced without Instagram Messenger API


Message overload

Too many irrelevant and similar customer inquiries which are difficult to answer one by one.


Inflexible access

Instagram DMs can only be accessed via the Instagram app.


Ignored messages

Long waiting times for all messages and inefficient problem resolution due to message backlog.


Lost of potential sales

Overlooked messages and forgotten prospects lead to lost sales opportunities.

Instagram API builds customer loyalty and satisfaction

Use the Instagram API to create the best customer experience possible

Improve sales and productivity

Improve sales and productivity

  • Accelerate the sales process by enabling auto-reply for Instagram API direct messages
  • Improve productivity and avoid repetitive work by automation and categorization of DMs
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction by understanding customer interaction history
Slow turnover of sales

Slow turnover of sales

  • Slow sales process as transactions are only possible during business hours
  • Low productivity caused by manual and repetitive responses to each customer
  • Disappointed customers following the slow replies

Grow sales with conversational and interactive commerce

Improve customer service efficiency by 80%

Organize and manage all customer requests easily in just one app

Serve customers whenever needed

  • Serve customers 24/7 by automatically replying to direct messages and comments
  • Increase productivity using one platform with multiple communication channels
  • Simplify customer service processes with automatic reminders
Serve customers whenever needed

Lack of customers satisfaction

  • Long response times due to limited agent operating hours
  • Unproductive agents due to repeating actions on answering customers' queries and comments
  • Frustrated customers send many messages to gain attention from agents
Lack of customers satisfaction

Build better customer relationships on social media

Boost team productivity with the Instagram API

Easier for teams to collaborate and serve customers without switching platforms

Easily monitor the entire team's performance

Easily monitor the entire team's performance

  • Track all business activities through one comprehensive dashboard
  • Improve collaboration between teams when completing tasks or customer requests
  • Complete repetitive tasks automatically to allocate more time on more important tasks
Uneven chat assignment to team members

Uneven chat assignment to team members

  • All tasks are done manually, repetitively, and with the risk of human error.
  • Incoherence and time-consuming to collaborate by switching apps.
  • Difficulty in monitoring team progress and employee performance.

Empower your customer support now

What is Instagram API?

Instagram API allows you to connect your app to Instagram’s features and functionalities.

API Instagram is a digital tool designed to help businesses interact with their customers more efficiently. Integration with a sales software such as a CRM will streamline well-recorded customer data.

What are the Instagram API features?

Examples of using the Instagram API for business are:

  1. Quick Reply: respond automatically to customer messages (DM) with the Quick Reply.
  2. Ice Breaker: it is easier for customers to get in touch with the company.
  3. Message Filter: all messages can be categorized or marked, making it easier to filter them.
  4. Chatbot: Answer all recurring customer questions (FAQs) automatically.
  5. Agent Routing: distribute Instagram messages evenly and fairly to CS agents.
  6. Analysis Report: reports regarding the number of messages received each day, the types of messages received, the number of new contacts received, and others.
  1. Open the Instagram developer page.
  2. Click on “Register Your Account.”
  3. Fill out the form and press the Register button.
  4. Contact the client’s manager.
  5. Click on “Manage” in your application block.
  6. Copy and save your credentials: client ID and client secret.

Following are the advantages and advantages of using the Instagram Messenger API:

  • Can serve customers 24 hours non-stop with an Instagram chat bot that is able to provide automatic responses in seconds
  • Improve customer experience by sending autoresponder bot Instagram direct messages according to frequently asked questions or requests from customers
  • Guaranteed security with an end-to-end encryption system ensures that all conversations can only be accessed by interacting businesses and customers
  • Flexible integration with omnichannel that can serve customers move seamlessly between channels such as WhatsApp business API, Facebook, Telegram, Line, Email, and others
  • Personalize customer messages that can be used as insights to better understand customers
  • Integration with the CRM system so that it automatically saves databases and DM conversation history with customers
  • Save money compared to having to hire multiple teams to do sales reports and analysis on the Instagram shop and conversations
  • Make it easy for customers to shop directly from the Instagram shop platform.

The Instagram messenger API was launched with the aim of helping businesses improve customer satisfaction and experience. This is based on the results of Facebook and BCG research which state that 91% of respondents admit to using Facebook products, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Where most of them like to talk via chat applications.

Another feature of the IG API is integration with other applications ensuring businesses will not miss any conversations with customers. Because all business channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp and others are connected to each other.

No, it can’t. The API Instagram was created specifically for companies or businesses that use Instagram as a medium to communicate with their customers. Therefore, the account registered for the Instagram API is also an Instagram Business account (Professional Account).


Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining Instagram API:

  1. Create an Instagram Developer Account
  2. Generate an Access Token
  3. Join the Official Instagram API Business Partner

There is no fee to use the Instagram API. But you must first register and be granted access by Instagram.

Meanwhile, to gain access to the Instagram API, you must first create a developer account and submit your application for review. In addition, you must also comply with Instagram API terms and conditions to be approved.

Apart from creating applications, you can use the Instagram API by joining Instagram’s official business partner. They will register your company for Instagram API.

There are various fees for the Instagram API. Usually, the price is divided into several packages that are tailored to the needs of the company.

For example, Mekari Qontak offers affordable Instagram API prices with four package options (Starters, Pro, Business and Enterprise. Prices for Starters packages start at IDR 749,000.

Learn about Instagram API fees here.

Yes, you can. You can upgrade to Instagram API by these steps:

  • Connect Instagram with the company’s internal applications to get complete and comprehensive information.
  • Streamline the Workflow with automation systems such as ‘quick reply’, as well as distribute DM messages fairly to the agents on duty.
  • Improve customer experience through a personalized approach in every message sent, and reply to DM messages

Steps to get the Instagram API as follows are

  1. Make sure you have access as an Admin Role on your business Facebook Page;
  2. Switch to an Instagram Business account (Professional Account);
  3. Connect a Facebook Page with your Instagram Business account;
  4. Register your Instagram Business account with an Official Instagram API Partner in Indonesia;
  5. An Authorized Partner will Set up Instagram API for your business;
  6. The Instagram API is ready to use and works with other business apps.
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