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Increase customer satisfaction and accelerate sales with API Instagram

Reach customers with the Instagram API because 70% of shoppers rely on Instagram for their next purchase.

  • Serving customers 24/7 non-stop
  • AI chatbot that will reply to DMs automatically
  • Accelerate customer service and sales
  • Integrate Instagram to other business platforms

3,500+ businesses have used API Instagram

Telkom Indonesia
RHB Securities
Eka Hospital
Mayapada Hospital

Challenges without Instagram Messaging API



Many customer messages are difficult to answer one by one


Not integrated

Instagram DMs can only be accessed via the Instagram app


Message ignored

Customer messages are often piled up with other customer DMs


Lost sales

Many missed messages that might be customers who will buy your product

Instagram API builds customer loyalty and satisfaction

Use the API Instagram to create a great customer experience on Instagram

Improve sales and productivity

Improve sales and productivity

  • Accelerate the sales process by enabling auto-reply for DM Instagram API messages
  • Increase business productivity by automating repetitive work and categorizing all DMs
  • Build customer loyalty and satisfaction through the history of previous customer interactions
Slower sales process

Slower sales process

  • Sales can only be processed when the admin is active which makes customers have to wait a long time
  • Admins have to work manually responding to customers, so it takes a lot of time to do the same task
  • Many customers are disappointed that their messages are unlimited or covered with new message

Increase your sales with Instagram API

80% improve customer service efficiency

Organize and manage all customer requests easily in just one app

Serve customers whenever needed

  • Serving customers 24/7 by activating chatbot to automatically reply to customer DM Instagram
  • Connect more channels in one platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and other to make it easier
  • Simplify customer service with automatic reminder to never miss tickets and orders
Serve customers whenever needed

Disappointed customers for bad service

  • Abandoned customers as they have to wait for a reply during operating hours or there is an active agent
  • Customers have to repeat the same answer when switching applications because it is not integrated
  • Lots of repeated messages because customers don't get a response from the admin quickly
Disappointed customers for bad service

Build a better customer relationship on Instagram

Drive team productivity with the Instagram API

Make it easy for your team to serve customers and collaborate with other teams without switching platforms.

Easily monitor the performance of the entire team

Easily monitor the performance of the entire team

  • Easily track all business activities through a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Improve collaboration between teams to complete tasks without switching platforms.
  • Complete repetitive tasks automatically, so teams focus on more important tasks.
Excessive team workload

Excessive team workload

  • All tasks must be done manually.
  • Switching apps to collaborate is time-consuming.
  • Difficulty monitoring team and employee performance.

Lightening your team's burden!

What is API Instagram?

API Instagram is a digital tool designed to help businesses interact with their customers more efficiently. They can integrate the Instagram API with sales software such as CRM so that the sales process is streamlined and well-recorded.

API Instagram integration also provides consistent customer service across all social media channels. Increase customer satisfaction with more efficient services.

  • Business Manager Facebook Account
  • Your business Facebook Page account
  • Instagram Business Account or Professional Account
  • Sign up for an official Instagram API partner like Mekari Qontak.

Can’t. The API Instagram was created specifically for companies or businesses that use Instagram as a medium to communicate with their customers. Therefore, the account registered for the Instagram API is also an Instagram Business account (Professional Account).

In addition to meeting the requirements above (Facebook Page and Instagram Business account requirements), you only need to subscribe to the Qontak’s Omnichannel application. Contact Mekari Qontak now.

Yes, you just need to change your regular Instagram account to Instagram Business (Professional Account) – business/company only. After that, register the account with Qontak as an Instagram Official Partner.

  • Connect Instagram with the company’s internal applications to get complete and comprehensive information.
  • Streamline the Workflow with automation systems such as ‘quick reply’, as well as distribute DM messages fairly to the agents on duty.
  • Improve customer experience through a personalized approach in every message sent, and reply to DM messages
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