Best omnichannel CRM for outsourcing services

Automatically manage outsourcing services

Omnichannel CRM helps outsourcing businesses provide consistent service to all clients, in order to reach more and more customers effectively.

  • Streamline customer service up to 75%
  • Serving customers 24/7 with Chatbot
  • CRM Software automatically manages client interactions
  • Integrate all customer channels with omnichannel

CRM untuk Outsourcing

Outsourcing industry challenges without Mekari Qontak

 Overwhelmed by customer response
Overwhelmed by customer response

Customer service agents overwhelmed at handling conversations from different channels

Difficult to follow-up
Difficult to follow-up

Unable to direct the customer to complete the process due to poor management

Interaction history not saved
Interaction history not saved

Difficult decision-making because customers interaction is not managed neatly

Improve agent performance and productivity

Accelerate your customer service with superior omnichannel CRM features to increase customer satisfaction

Fast and centralized customer service

Fast and centralized customer service

  • Serve customers on different channels in one dashboard for more effective.
  • Quick response to real-time customers in seconds with advanced AI chatbot
  • Send WhatsApp blast messages to customers for promotions, notifications and OTP.
Unclear and messy customer service

Unclear and messy customer service

  • Customer service is not centralized so it takes more time to manage.
  • Admin must respond to each message manually which causes customers to have to wait.
  • Admins must ensure all messages are delivered by repeatedly switching apps.

Centralize your outsourcing services

Reach customers anywhere and anytime

Make calls directly and monitor every interaction that occurs with the business anywhere anytime

Record outgoing and incoming calls in detail

  • Get and analyze recordings of calls agents make for best decisions and training
  • Manage customer data such as contact information, complaint, order etc in one timeline view.
  • Monitor customer ticket progress through interaction history from one interactive dashboard.
Record outgoing and incoming calls in detail

No detailed call history and recording

  • Call interactions are manually logged by agents so many are lost.
  • Customer database management is very susceptible to human error.
  • Managers and teams must switch apps to ensure all interactions are complete.
No detailed call history and recording

Manage customer interactions automatically

What does the omnichanel CRM for outsourcing services mean?

The omnichannel CRM is designed for better customer service. From automatic recording and order management, to mass marketing and complaint resolution, this comprehensive ecosystem supports everything needed towards digitalization

This CRM software holds features to manage all customer data within one platform. Equipped with reporting of all kinds of business activities, all relevant data is accessible in real time.

Additionally, the omnichannel application is also integrated with other communication channels, which allows for reminders to be sent to customers both online and offline.

What are the benefits of the omnichannel CRM for logistics?

  • Provide nonstop 24/7 customer service
  • Automatically respond to customers through chatbot
  • Store and manage all customer interaction within the CRM
  • One account to serve all customers through multiple devices and customer service agents
  • Send notifications, confirmations, promotions and more through broadcast message to thousands of contacts at once
  • Report all activity through customer service, accessible in real-time
  • Integrate multiple channels such as Facebook, e-mail, or WhatsApp API within one platform to provide a consistent customer experience journey.

The omnichannel CRM simplifies online and offline customer service. All customer data is updated in real time and accessible anywhere.

The omnichannel connects multiple business accounts. This integration facilitates interaction with customers and patients throughout various communication channels.

Omnichannel software lets you get the most out of all your channels, both physical and digital. The goal is to create a seamless, unified experience for your customers across multiple channels.

Customers can shop online through marketplaces, through digital devices through social media, or visit physical stores. The Omnichannel software lets consumers switch platforms seamlessly without having to re-learn everything.

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