CRM data access & hierarchy management

Protect customer data with complete access & hierarchy management

Secure and protect confidential data by defining unlimited layers of hierarchy access

  • Customize data access based on users and teams
  • Access data anywhere & anytime via mobile app
  • Gain unlimited insights into customer and business data
  • Reinforce data security with an ISO 27001-certified system

Hirarki akses data

Simple data access management with CRM user hierarchy

Modify data access settings according user hierarchy for better team management

  • A one-to-many system

    A structured data access level allows users with higher roles to easily access every data across all sections

  • Data access hierarchy

    Easy-to-understand data authorizations based on a clear line of command and reporting

  • Quick navigation

    Easily navigate through files and information according to designated access

  • Customizable interface

    Adjust permissions to access data according to geography, transaction, division, and more

Effectively organize and manage classified data

Improve overall productivity and performance with user hierarchy from Mekari Qontak

  • Tree branch structure

    Simple parent-child node structure allows one parent node to have as many needed child nodes

  • Delegated access

    Assist all roles across different levels based on their responsibilities

  • Information settings

    Add and delete any new information in the business database without hassle

  • Efficient resource optimization

    Reach maximum efficiency by allocating better resources to their needs

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