The best CRM for higher education

Ensure smooth operations in your education and training services

Maximize customer satisfaction and minimize technical issues while providing the best educational experience for your community.

  • Manage data automatically with CRM software
  • Customized chatbots to answer messages automatically
  • Build customer loyalty with good customer service
  • Integrate omnichannel communication across chat & social media

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Challenges faced by education organizations without CRMs

Communication difficulties
Communication difficulties

Multiple conversation channels might lead to miscommunication between agents and students

Less productivity
Less productivity

Ineffective work management due to repetitive responses of the same questions

Slow management and service
Slow management and service

Difficulty in providing prompt follow-up to students due to inadequate management systems

Automate your CRM for higher education services

Providing the most efficient features and effective systems to help you deliver your best service with ease.

Multiple channels in one click

Multiple channels in one click

  • Faster response times by integrating multiple channels into one unified dashboard
  • Answer repetitive FAQs automatically with automated chatbot assistance
  • Send automated reminders and notifications directly to WhatsApp
Complex and scattered operational processes

Complex and scattered operational processes

  • Switching apps to answer students from different channels is inefficient and may not follow standard procedures
  • Decreased team productivity due to repeated questions and requests with slower responses
  • Missed or overlooked queries due to manual process of responding the messages

Build stronger relationships and faster communications

Gain complete visibility at every stage

Automate application process and student enrollment. Map end-to-end student journeys from inquiry and beyond.

Create better student experience and user satisfaction

  • Monitor and solve stagnant registration processes better to reach sign-ups target
  • Simplify user feedback sent from all channels using one unified CRM for higher education
  • Receive useful feedback using customized Customer Satisfaction survey
Create better student experience and user satisfaction

Low customer satisfaction level

  • Completion of customer registration is done manually and takes a extended time to finish
  • Manual operational process decreases team's performance and productivity
  • Difficult to identify the CSAT since there is no comprehensive report about it
Low customer satisfaction level

Provide the best educational experience for your users

What is a CRM for higher education?

A CRM is a platform that enables higher education institutions to collect and analyze data from enrollment to graduation. Student CRMs automate application and enrollment processes and keep institutions engaged with applicants and students.

Why use a CRM management platform in higher education?

Documentation related to recruitment events, fundraisers, outreach efforts, and practically any activity that a college or university engages in related to students needs a place to reside. Decision-makers can turn to that information when they need to approve programs, and stakeholders from admissions and academic departments can use customer relationship management software to keep data organized and current. CRM in higher education creates a one-stop-shop that helps higher education institutions remain responsive to students.

  • Streamline admissions process
  • Centralized database of students information and communication history
  • Provide real-time support and address student queries automatically through chatbot
  • Seamless customer service and support by integrating CRM with omnichannel, WhatsApp API, Instagram API, and more

Before deciding on a CRM, consider some key questions and factors. Think about how your institution will use the CRM. A system you use for marketing purposes will function differently from one that will serve several departments.

Consider set up, training, and ease of use. You also need to know if the CRM can grow as your institutional needs grow. One of the best ways to consider CRM options is to think about them in terms of use cases.

CRM platform is an essential tool for outreach and relationship building. When institutions, large or small, stay connected with students, it helps build a relationship that feels personal, which can mean the difference between a student choosing one institution over another. Having a record of student engagement helps higher education institutions focus on those who seem most interested. In an academic landscape where competition for students is keen, the right CRM platform can make all the difference.

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