Omnichannel CRM for healthcare facilities

Omnichannel CRM, automatically manage healthcare services

Automate healthcare customer service & operations

  • Monitor and manage all activities including conversations and ticketing with an omnichannel healthcare CRM
  • Simplify and automate inbound customer service
  • Scale efficiently with chatbots and unlimited agents capability
  • Respond and complete customer requests in a single platform
  • Provide consistent customer experiences throughout all channels

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Challenges in the healthcare industry without the omnichannel CRM

Unable to trace and monitor data
Unable to trace and monitor data

Agents are unable to track and validate activities or information of patients’ history.

Overwhelmed customer service team
Overwhelmed customer service team

Repetitive questions and requests cause distress to customer service agents.

Fragmented data
Fragmented data

Dispersed data across omnichannel prevents a holistic perspective of patients.

Provide the best experience to customers and patients

Qontak provides the tools to help you become the most efficient and effective healthcare provider

Automate all business operations

Automate all business operations

  • Centralize your database to simplify reviews of patient health history and timelines
  • Automate notifications and reminders to track and renew business services easily
  • Track all activities and achievements to accurately monitor and evaluate business performance
Complicated operational processes

Complicated operational processes

  • Fragmented communication channels causes difficulty to understand real-time customer needs
  • No automated reminders to notify patients regarding important appointments
  • Manual monitoring process, as real-time data is unavailable

A system to support the best service for your patients

Easily build and maintain customer loyalty

Obtain sales activity and customer service reports automatically in real-time

Complete all tasks within a unified platform

  • Prevent customer loss with our chatbot software to handle all requests within seconds
  • Simplify teamwork within one advanced platform to increase team productivity
  • Personalize customer service at every sales stages with WhatsApp broadcast notifications
Complete all tasks within a unified platform

Difficult to complete and resolve customer's requests or complaints

  • Low customer satisfaction due to slow response from customer service agents
  • Unfair task delegations cause tension and poor productivity among team members
  • Manual responses creates inefficient and slow customer service management
Difficult to complete and resolve customer's requests or complaints

Run seamless business operations

What is a healthcare CRM?

An omnichannel healthcare CRM implementation is an effort towards digital transformation where a healthcare practice or hospital unifies all communication channels into one platform, thereby centralizing prospect and customer information and activity engagements. As a result of a healthcare CRM implementation, healthcare practices are able to build efficiencies and save costs.

An omnichannel application also automates patient data management and customer service all within one CRM platform. This simplifies accessibility whenever information is needed.

What are the benefits of an Omnichannel Healthcare CRM for the healthcare industry?

  • Automate customer service with quick responses 24/7 through chatbot
  • Store and manage all previous interactions automatically within the healthcare CRM
  • One unified account to service patients through many devices
  • Create customer service activity reports accessible in real-time
  • Integrate many channels within one omnichannel platform for consistent customer service experience

A healthcare CRM simplifies and enables the best online and offline customer service. All patient data updates in real-time.

An omnichannel platform connects multiple business accounts. This integration facilitates interaction with customers and patients throughout various communication channels, such as WhatsApp API, Instagram API, call center, and more.

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