CRM Custom Report

CRM data report customization for faster business decision making

Now, you can customize reports from CRM data according to your business needs. Through Custom Reports, we empower you to gain decision-making experiences that will drive overall business performance growth.

Personalized Insights

Get deeper understanding from tailored reports that provide personalized insights for your business

  • Reports are more focused and targeted on metrics and indicators that are relevant to business targets.
  • Deep data understanding to identify opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, and various prospecting and engagement campaigns.
  • Optimized sales channel for identifying bottlenecks with more streamlined processes and team performance feedback.
  • Improve geographical analysis of customers with demographic data, purchasing patterns and competitor presence combination.
  • Various data comparison metrics to identify patterns and trends, to evaluate for business process improvement.
Time and effort savings

Streamlined business processes without manual data collection and manipulation

  • Faster and accurate with automated data in CRM without manual data entry and extraction processes.
  • Advanced reporting templates . Adjustments attributes, data filters, metrics, to visualization according to taste from existing templates.
  • Faster reporting without dependencies to the internal data team for helping decision makers plan business strategies.
  • Various graphs presentation or modification to clarify data readability and improve report comprehension.
Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of industry trends monitoring and make proactive adjustments to your strategies

  • More responsive to market changes with the ease of modifying reports according to demand analysis.
  • Be more proactive in improvement strategy with customized KPI report variations and analysis for various teams.
  • Be wiser in the allocation of resources by better aligning your team's needs with business goals.
  • Minimize risks due to data assumptions because now all decisions can be made more agile and data-driven.

“We use Mekari Qontak for the core service system, so that there are several customer services that can handle the same customer service core.”

Chitra FebrimawarniCustomer Service Manager



Response time improvement

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Custom Report?

Custom Report is a feature within our cloud-based CRM system that allows you to customize and create personalized reports based on your business needs. It empowers you to extract valuable insights from your CRM dataset, tailored specifically to your requirements.

How does Custom Report differ from the existing reporting features?

While our existing reporting features offer templates for general reporting, targeting reports, comparison reports, geographic reports, and sales trends, Custom Report takes it a step further. It allows you to request customization of the existing reports, enabling you to dive deeper into specific metrics and tailor the reports to your unique business needs.

Absolutely! Custom Report enables you to create reports that cater to the specific needs of different departments or teams within your organization. Whether it’s sales, marketing, customer support/service, or any other department, you can customize the reports to focus on the metrics and key performance indicators relevant to each team.

Yes, Custom Report utilizes real-time data from your CRM dataset. This means you’ll have access to the most up-to-date information and can generate reports with the latest data at any given time.

Yes, Custom Report allows you to schedule automatic report generation at regular intervals. Do you need daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Definitely! Custom Report provides easy-to-use export functionality, allowing you to export the customized reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, and more. You can also share the reports with team members and stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and informed decision-making.

No, Custom Report is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You don’t need advanced technical skills to create and customize reports. The interface is straightforward, enabling you to easily select the desired metrics, apply filters, and visualize the data in a way that makes sense to you.

Absolutely! We offer a free trial of Custom Report, allowing you to explore its features and experience the benefits firsthand. Sign up for the free trial to see how Custom Report can revolutionize your CRM reporting.

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