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Sales CRM software increase your revenue by up to 54%

Monitor Leads, Tasks, KPIs, Orders & Tickets with Sales CRM Software. Keep connected with field sales in real time with live GPS.

  • Customizable sales CRM software
  • End-to-end after-sales support for users
  • Complete sales reports that can be accessed in real time
  • Show detailed customer history in interactive dashboard

More than 3,500+ businesses have taken the advantage of Sales CRM Mekari Qontak

Business Challenges without an Sales CRM software


Losing prospects for follow up

The sales team is difficult to deal with leads, because of the lack of leads information


Administrative take up a lot of time

Most of the sales team’s time is spent on repetitive tasks, so they can’t make a lot of sales


Difficult to monitor performance

The sales team is highly mobile, making it difficult to monitor their performance.


Data is not updated

The latest data is needed by the sales team to ensure smooth transactions

Personalized interactions based on sales CRM software insights

Increase customer loyalty by personalizing the entire customer relationship with the business

 Improve sales with accurate data

Improve sales with accurate data

  • Database visualization with a 360 degree perspective to understand customer needs.
  • Details of all customer activities such as deal status, appointments and more.
  • Create sales flow as needed to speed up the business transaction process.
Slower sales transaction

Slower sales transaction

  • Difficult to understand customer needs because customer information is not managed properly.
  • Customer information is not centralized, making it difficult to synchronize information.
  • Irregular sales stages, which make it difficult to monitor the progress of each customer on the sales flow

Get customer loyalty easily

Improve sales performance based on accurate data

Track sales and employee activity in real time to improve business performance

Monitor all sales activity in real time

  • Monitor all activities in one dashboard to find out business developments in real time.
  • Custom sales reports as business needed to match set targets and increase revenue.
  • Track sales directly via GPS to find out the current position of employees .
Monitor all sales activity in real time

Sales report at risk of human error

  • Monitoring business activities separately because they have to switch applications.
  • The sales report is at risk of error because it's created manually from employee activity .
  • Difficulty tracking the position of employees to ascertain whether they experience problems.
Sales report at risk of human error

Improve business performance!

Monitor all orders according to sales stages

Won't lose sales with kanban board display for comprehensive monitoring of all orders and deals

Complete all orders quickly

Complete all orders quickly

  • Prioritize expired offers for immediate follow-up so no more losing customer orders that harm the business
  • A fully customizable sales pipeline with a drag and drop system to ensure perfect sales.
  • One CRM with multiple pipelines to avoid overlapping orders, so you're the perfect sales solution.
Lost, a disappointed customer

Lost, a disappointed customer

  • Overwhelmed with completing customer requests as demand builds up in every channel of business communication.
  • Disappointing customers because the service is complicated, so they have to wait for the problem to be resolved.
  • Overlapping customer requests due to the same order in different business channels because unconnected channels.

No more losing customers with sales CRM software

What is a sales CRM software?

Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a digital tool designed to simplify the sales process. This tool can automate repetitive tasks, so the sales team can focus on getting more offers.

CRM software for sales helps businesses not lose customers. In addition, CRM software is also used to increase sales efficiently.

  • Manage customer data automatically
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Sales CRM tool can be the best marketing tools
  • Integration with multiple business channels like WhatsApp API, Instagram API etc.
  • Sales CRM tool can manage good sales management
  • Sales CRM software can track sales team and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Improve contact or database management
  • Can increase customer retention
  • Get customer satisfaction
  • Sales CRM can help improve sales management
  • Manage sales to increase revenue in the long term
  • Creating work efficiency
  • Creating good team collaboration through WhatsApp CRM integration
  • Get accurate business reports and analysis in real time

Mekari Qontak provides the best CRM sales software in Indonesia.

Mekari Qontak provides all in one CRM software for all business needs to increase sales and revenue. It has features that unite sales at competitive prices.

Another advantage of Mekari Qontak is that it is one of the official WhatsApp API partners in Indonesia, so you can connect CRM software and WhatsApp API.

Outstanding features: customization, data management, KPI tracking, Live GPS, sales reports, Document Automation and more.

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