Leading CRM software for human resources

Increase teamwork effectivity and productivity in HR by 80%

Improve productivity by automatically responding to all employee requests from all channels with the centralized CRM for HR teams

  • Automate employee responses with chatbots to accommodate needs efficiently
  • Manage all tasks within one dashboard
  • Send announcements to thousands of employees simultaneously
  • Monitor KPI targets and employee productivity in real-time

omnichannel crm for human resources

Challenges faced by HR teams without Mekari Qontak's omnichannel CRM

No centralized database
No centralized database

Fragmented data creates difficulty handling employee information.

Obstacles in identifying issues
Obstacles in identifying issues

Inability to display frequently asked queries or recurring issues on the reporting system.

Disorganized communication
Disorganized communication

Roadblocks in collaborative communication with other departments and employees.

Access all employee needs from a centralized CRM for HR teams

Manage and organize tickets within one customizable dashboard

Review all employee inquiries in greater detail

Review all employee inquiries in greater detail

  • An easy drag and drop visualization to monitor all active and escalated tickets
  • Assign tickets for the relevant teams easily to reduce resolution time
  • Prioritize certain tickets with automated reminders to avoid overlooked requests
Unable to monitor employees needs

Unable to monitor employees needs

  • Tickets are processeed manually due to the lack of visual display features
  • Unclear processes create troubles on ticket delegation
  • Tickets are not completed based on priority thus increases the chance of unresolved tickets

Automate better operational workflow

Increase HR team productivity up to 80%

Arrange employee inquiries and open cases from various channels within a centralized platform

Respond to thousands of employees simultaneously

  • Accommodate inquiries across various channels such as WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Telegram, and more
  • Delegate messages automatically and monitor HR teams to boost productivity
  • Automate every interaction and send scheduled WhatsApp broadcast messages
Respond to thousands of employees simultaneously

HR staff overwhelmed by influx of high number of employee inquiries

  • Switching between communication channels and applications cause inconveniences and inefficiencies
  • Messages are forwarded manually causing data inconsistencies, missed inquiries and low employee satisfaction
  • HR staff send thousands of messages manually which may not be read or noticed
HR staff overwhelmed by influx of high number of employee inquiries

Automate your HR and company employee operations

Whhat is an omnichannel CRM for HR management?

An omnichannel CRM is an application to facilitate HR teams in data collection, delegation, responding to, and handling employee requests.

The system is designed to improve overall employee experience while also providing a comprehensive business solution with features to improve user experience as well.

What are the benefits of using an omnichannel CRM for HR management?

  • Improve and maintain employee retention rates
  • Implement 24-hour customer service through chatbot
  • Massively improve employee satisfaction
  • Increase quality and speed of communication
  • Creating better work flow efficiencies
  • Develop good teamwork and collaboration
  • Provide accurate reports and business analytics in real-time
  • 360 database view with reporting analytics
  • Task management and KPI tracking
  • Omnichannel communication (WhatsApp API, Email, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and more)
  • Access to mobile applications
  • Automate document creation functionality
  • Integrate with other applications and support systems
  • Manage employee data with automation
  • Build employee loyalty and satisfaction
  • Integrate with multiple business channels
  • Broadcast employee notifications
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