The best CRM for banking industry

Provide the best support to customers with omnichannel CRM designed for banks

Increase customer loyalty with our omnichannel CRM for Banks up to 80%.

  • Respond to customers within seconds using chatbots
  • Serve customers 24/7 automatically
  • Send instant bulk messages directly to WhatsApp
  • Integrate multiple communication channels into one

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Challenges without the omnichannel CRM for banks

Overwhelmed customer service teams
Overwhelmed customer service teams

Ineffective customer service processes due to repetitive inbound questions.

Inability to backtrack and review customer complaints
Inability to backtrack and review customer complaints

Agents are unable to analyze previous customer interaction data, repeating past mistakes and inefficient.

Slow customer service
Slow customer service

Lack of supportive routing or workflow to improve collaborative processes and customer service procedures.

Improve customer service quality by 80%

Mekari Qontak provides features to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your banking services

Automated customer service in one click

Automated customer service in one click

  • Connect with customers anywhere with an integrated CRM for banks
  • Respond to inquiries automatically with our advanced chatbot feature
  • Send automated and personalized messages in bulk directly to WhatsApp
More time wasted due to manually handling customers

More time wasted due to manually handling customers

  • Data fragmentation and inefficiencies from multiple separate communication channels
  • Low team productivity due to lack of transparency and reporting metrics
  • Low agent retention due to handling repetitive basic questions

Automate your customer service now

An all-inclusive system for better business decisions

Monitor sales pipelines and customer complaints easily to eliminate the risk of losing customers

Access all business needs in one easy platform

  • Integrated deal and ticketing system allows monitoring of all complaints and requests at all stages
  • Manage customer databases effectively and track customer journeys in real-time
  • Complete reporting templates displays more comprehensive data & analysis to make better business decisions
Access all business needs in one easy platform

Business operations are more complex and difficult to manage

  • Manual systems and procedures create low productivity, inefficiency and ineffectiveness among team members
  • Lack of unified database to understand customer needs in real-time
  • Lack of comprehensive reports for analysis makes it difficult to make good business decisions
Business operations are more complex and difficult to manage

Create seamless business operations instantly

What is an omnichannel CRM for Banks?

An omnichannel CRM for banks is a digital tool to manage all business activities of customers such as sales and customer service. This application connects multiple communication channels into one centralizing platform. Simplify monitoring and provide consistent customer service across all channels with Mekari Qontak’s CRM for banks.

Why use an omnichannel CRM for banks?

An Omnichannel CRM facilitates both online and offline customer service while automating tasks to help companies save money and grow revenues. All updates on customer data happen in real time thereby enabling accurate reporting and analytics.

  • Store and manage previous customer interaction data automatically from the CRM
  • Provide quick and standardized responses through an AI chatbot
  • Consistent customer service support in all channels to increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • Integrate the Omnichannel with all other business application accounts
  • Increase all-round productivity of customer service teams
  • Efficient and time-saving operational costs

The Omnichannel CRM for banks is developed to improve customer service as well as professional training and development. Whether it is marketing or distributing information to customers, WhatsApp API that broadcast solutions are commonly used in banking.

On the customer service side, banks are unable to manually handle thousands of inquiries and as a result leverage routing systems and FAQ systems to allocate and answer simple inquiries.

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