Deal Management Software

Unlock business growth opportunities with deals management

Effortlessly drive sales, close deals, and supercharge your revenue stream

  • Streamlined deal workflow. From lead to closure, manage deals seamlessly in one platform.
  • Real-time progress tracking. Keep a finger on the pulse of each deal’s status and next steps.
  • Personalized follow-ups. Craft tailored follow-up strategies for each stage of the sales cycle.
  • Data-driven decision making. Leverage insights for smarter deal prioritization and strategy.
  • Team collaboration made easy. Foster teamwork with shared deal information and task assignments.

Deals management software top features by Mekari Qontak CRM

Visualize your sales journey, seize every opportunity

  • Visualize sales progress. Easily track and manage deals from initial contact to closure, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Prioritize effectively. Identify high-potential deals and allocate resources where they matter most.

Craft your winning formula, own your sales process

  • Tailor-made process. Customize deal stages to mirror your unique sales process, aligning perfectly with your business’s needs.
  • Optimized workflow. Streamline your sales operations by aligning stages with your team’s workflow.

Stay sharp, never miss a sales beat

  • Never miss a beat. Receive timely prompts for follow-ups, meetings, and crucial deal milestones, ensuring you stay on top of every opportunity.
  • Effortless organization. Keep your schedule organized, allowing you to focus on building relationships.

Bullseye targeting, amplify your deal conversions

  • Precision targeting. Segment your contacts based on specific criteria to ensure that each deal gets the attention it deserves.
  • Higher conversion rates. Reach out to the right leads at the right time, increasing your chances of closing deals.
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Decipher, drive, dominate - your data, your growth

  • Data-driven decisions. Dive deep into deal performance metrics to make informed decisions and refine your sales strategy.
  • Identify growth opportunities. Spot trends and patterns, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities for business expansion.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Deals management in Mekari Qontak?

Deals Management in Qontak is a powerful feature that allows businesses to effectively track, manage, and close sales deals in a streamlined and organized manner.

How can Deal Pipeline Management benefit my sales process?

Deal Pipeline Management provides a visual representation of your sales process, allowing you to track deals at every stage and prioritize efforts for maximum impact.

You can customize deal stages to align with your unique sales process, ensuring that the workflow matches the specific needs of your business.

Automated Reminders keep you on top of important deal milestones and follow-ups, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.

Contact Segmentation allows you to categorize leads based on specific criteria, ensuring that each deal receives personalized attention for higher conversion rates.

Deal Analytics offers comprehensive data on deal performance, enabling data-driven decisions and highlighting growth opportunities.

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