Goal Management

Easily set sales targets and collaborative projects

Create goals tailored to your needs, from sales targets to specific projects.

  • Clear metrics and measurements for your sales targets or custom projects.
  • Automatically record achievements, ensuring all contributors are involved and acknowledged.
  • Customize goals to meet your team’s unique needs, from sales targets to specific projects.
  • In-depth analysis to identify trends, strengths, and areas needing special attention.
  • Easily monitor teams to focus on their assigned goals.
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Goal management software top features by Mekari Qontak CRM

Detailed goal setting

  • Optimize plans and objectives. Set goals with highly specific details, enabling your team to focus and progress clearly.
  • Targets are more measurable. Each target has measurable parameters so you can assess performance and progress accurately.
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Real-time progress monitoring, anytime, anywhere!

  • Monitor performance directly. See project or target progress in real-time, allowing for quick reactions and better decision-making.
  • Gain in-depth understanding. Progress data analysis provides you with deep insights into team performance and areas needing special attention.
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Seamless customization, fully set goals and contributors!

  • Tailor goals to your needs. Each project or team has unique requirements – leverage our customization flexibility to meet specific needs.
  • Independently define success criteria. With the ability to set your own success parameters, you have full control over goal definitions and measurements.
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In-depth progress analysis

  • Dive deeper with timely reports. See trends, identify strengths, and address weaknesses with informative and easily understandable data reports.
  • Use insights to make informed decisions. In-depth analytical data helps you make decisions based on strong evidence.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Goal Management in Mekari Qontak CRM?

Goal Management is a standout feature in Mekari Qontak CRM that allows you to set, monitor, and measure progress toward your business goals in a structured and measurable way.

How does Goal Management assist my team?

Goal Management aids your team by providing tools to set measurable goals, monitor real-time progress, analyze performance, and customize goals as needed.

Yes, with Custom Goals feature in Goal Management, you can set specific goals for teams or individuals within your organization. This enables more precise assignment and performance measurement.

You can easily access reports and analytics through the Mekari Qontak dashboard. There, you’ll find in-depth insights on progress, achievements, and areas that may require attention.

Automatic performance integration allows for the automatic recording of achievements. For example, if someone meets a sales target, the system will automatically record this achievement and acknowledge their contribution.

Yes, you have full flexibility to modify or customize established goals. You can update parameters, deadlines, or success criteria as per your requirements.

Goal Management enables full transparency. With real-time progress monitoring, every team member can see their contributions and ensure they are actively engaged in achieving shared goals.

Yes, Goal Management from Mekari Qontak has the capability to integrate with various business tools and applications. This allows you to maximize efficiency and optimize the use of the tools you have.

To get started with Goal Management, you can sign up for free a Mekari Qontak account and access this feature from your dashboard. Our support team will also be ready to assist you with initial steps.

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