The best omnichannel CRM for startups

Accelerate growth & automation with Qontak's CRM for startups & tech firms

Improve revenues & automate customer service at every step of the way with the omnichannel CRM application by Mekari Qontak.

  • Automatically manage customer data within one platform
  • Simplify customer service via a one-stop solution
  • Integrate chatbots and trigger-based automation
  • Manage & respond to customer inquiries and requests from a centralized system

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Challenges of startups and tech companies without the omnichannel CRM

Inquiries from multiple channels
Inquiries from multiple channels

Different business channels make it a hassle for the team to move between applications.

No clear delegation
No clear delegation

There is no system that can support and facilitate team collaboration.

Unclear complaints process
Unclear complaints process

Too many channels create obstacles for good customer service and increases human error.

Automate operational services

Decrease administrative processes each step of the way through automation

Effective and centralized customer service

Effective and centralized customer service

  • Broadcast notifications in real-time directly through WhatsApp
  • Centralize all social media accounts to increase customer reach and collaboration
  • Provide responses to customers instantly and in real-time through chatbots
Fragmented and poor customer service

Fragmented and poor customer service

  • Manually sending message notifications is ineffective and time-consuming
  • Hassle to be responsive to customers in multiple social media channels
  • Customers wait too long to be given answers to inquiries

Increase customer service and satisfaction

Improve the whole business operational process

Monitor each customer and business interaction to improve customer loyalty

Get to know the whole customer journey

  • Comprehensively analyze workflows of the business to improve performance
  • Trace complaints and customer orders in real time to avoid ignored messages
  • Know the customer journey from beginning to end within the best timeline display
Get to know the whole customer journey

Customer journey fragmented and difficult to oversee

  • Team productivity and oversight manual and lacks reporting
  • Delayed customer orders and complaints handling, leading to dissatisfaction
  • 360 degree customer view with chronological activity tracking missing
Customer journey fragmented and difficult to oversee

Systematic move towards digitalized automation

What is an omnichannel CRM for technology startups?

The omnichannel CRM for startups is an application that supports IT businesses in optimizing customer service. This application centralizes inquiries, as it can integrate many communication channels into one platform.

Omnichannel CRMs automatically store historical customer interactions for future reference. This allows team members to easily access customer data when needed.

What are the benefits of an omnichannel CRM for startups?

  • Respond to inquiries 24/7
  • Chatbot feature for quick and automatic responses to customer messages
  • Message broadcast feature for sending messages to multiple contacts at once
  • Able to be integrated with WhatsApp API, Instagram API, websites, and other channels to increase customer service experience
  • One number for many admins on several devices
  • Access to customer service reports in real time
  • Improve team productivity for customer service

An omnichannel CRM application simplifies and provides the best online and offline customer service, allowing remote agents to access customer data and updates in real time.

Apart from this, an omnichannel application utilizes integration with multiple messaging apps and channels, allowing quick & easy interaction with customers from various channels, all in one dashboard.

The omnichannel CRM for startups plays a role in improving customer service and inbound leads. When customers contact businesses through WhatsApp, the interaction is automatically stored within the CRM thereby activating an AI chatbot to respond to chats according to triggers. Should unresolved inquiries occur, the chatbot automatically directs these customers to live agents for further handling.

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