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Embed Qontak omnichannel CRM into your workflows easily

Improve your business process by integrating multiple softwares to Mekari Qontak

  • Send messages to WhatsApp based on custom triggers
  • Flexible systems to fulfill every business need
  • Optimize Productivity and efficiency
  • Integrate all applications and communication channels

Open API

State-of-the-art software for automatic workflows

Create smooth and hassle-free integrated business processes with Mekari Qontak

  • Connect two applications with the CRM API

    Effectively manage leads, companies, deals, tasks, tickets and requests with the CRM API

  • Send automatic messages through the WhatsApp API

    Send OTP and automated messages based on specific triggers securely and instantly with the WhatsApp Business API

  • Improve customer service with the Instagram API

    Gain greater customer reach and improve business sales effectively with the Instagram API

  • Easily Automate customer service with chatbot AI

    Quickly respond to inquries in real-time using the chatbot connected to your systems

Simplicity within reach

Increase productivity and teamwork to simplify all business process

  • Integrate all business systems

    Easily integrate all communication channels into one comprehensive dashboard.

  • Create smooth two-way integrations

    Request and receive requests for data and detailed information across softwares.

  • Provide the best customer service

    Send messages, respond to inquires and develop interactions easily through an automized approach.

  • A guaranteed and Highly secured system for your business

    Equipped with the Auth2 API based on JSON. All pathways must be secure and authenticated.

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