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Build stronger customer relationships with WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to build better customer experiences with fast service and integrated applications.

  • Accessible from unlimited devices and multiple agents
  • Send unlimited broadcast messages with WA API
  • Customize automated messages on our chatbot software for WhatsApp
  • Integrate communication channels with other platforms
  • Earn trust with a verified WhatsApp badge for better credibility

Best WhatsApp Business API

More than 3,500+ businesses have taken advantage of WhatsApp API

Four Advantages of WhatsApp Business API from Mekari Qontak


Verified badge

The WhatsApp Business API may provide an official green tick (verified badge). This indicates a verified WA account, which increases customer trust.


Unlimited WhatsApp Blast

The WhatsApp Business API makes it easy for you to send unlimited blast messages and secure numbers from blocks.


WhatsApp chatbot

The WhatsApp Business API has an AI chatbot capable of replying to chat automatically. The chatbot is easy to customize for business needs.


API integration

WhatsApp Business API can be easily integrated with any business system to enhance automation.

Transform leads into recurring customers by increasing their trust with WhatsApp API

Our WhatsApp API feature increases trust in businesses during every customer interaction to transform leads into returning customers

Serve customers with ease and efficiency

Serve customers with ease and efficiency

  • Strengthen your business trust with a verified badge on your WhatsApp Business account
  • Instantly reach more customers with automated and unlimited WhatsApp broadcast messages
  • Personalize automatic messages to respond and relate to customer requests by WhatsApp Business API
Ineffective communications when serving customers

Ineffective communications when serving customers

  • Businesses appear less trusted without the verified badge on WhatsApp
  • Limited reach and lack of lead generation due to ineffecient communication systems
  • Manual responses to all customer inquiries and requests are time-consuming for sales agents

Provide the best experience for your customers

Empower teams and increase productivity with WA API

Eliminate time wasted on switching between one communication channel to another

Complete all tasks on a centralized system

  • Integrate communications in one Omnichannel system to access all social media accounts from one platform
  • Make hand-over between team members easier using one WhatsApp number for all agents
  • Easily monitor orders and tickets according to stages on kanban display
Complete all tasks on a centralized system

Difficulty in completing tasks and organizing communications

  • Confusion in following up with customer requests on different channels
  • Limited number of agents makes it too time-consuming to accommodate all inquiries
  • Low quality UX without a 360-degree display creates confusing navigation through the platform
Difficulty in completing tasks and organizing communications

Simplify and run your business processes smoother with WhatsApp API

Automate your customer service to be available 24/7 for handling all queries

Little to no credibility due to an unverified WhatsApp account

Provide the best customer experience with WhatsApp API

Provide the best customer experience with WhatsApp API

  • Respond to each customer automatically with our chatbot software
  • Delegate incoming messages among team members with custom agent routing
  • Get interactive analytical reports on all customer interactions through a single dashboard
Limited customer service capacity due to manual processing

Limited customer service capacity due to manual processing

  • Slower manual replies create lower customer satisfaction
  • Overlapping tasks due to the lack of a fair agent routing system
  • Difficulty understanding customers without an interactive customer service reporting system

Automate and accelerate your customer service

What is WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp API or the WhatsApp Business API is a tool for all business types and sizes to improve WhatsApp interaction through advanced features. These features include automated responses, WhatsApp chatbot, personalized interactive messaging, official checkmark certification, and unlimited broadcast messaging.

The WhatsApp API also functions as a bridge between WhatsApp and other applications, such as omnichannel or a CRM. Companies can also integrate their WhatsApp API to certified WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSP) such as direct messaging software and client relationship management providers such as Mekari Qontak.

How much does the official WhatsApp Business API cost at Mekari Qontak?

WhatsApp Business API users will be charged a fee. The amount of fees and prices are differentiated based on the conversation category (marketing, utility, authentication and service).

Meanwhile, the amount of the tariff is differentiated based on the location or country of origin of the user. For users in Indonesia, the list of costs for using the latest official WhatsApp API at Mekari Qontak with a session duration of 24 hours is divided like this:

  • Marketing: IDR 596.33 / session
  • Utility: IDR 295.32 / session
  • Authentication: Rp. 437.97 / session
  • Service: IDR 275.48 / session

WhatsApp for Business or WhatsApp Business is designed for small businesses and can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. In addition, on WhatsApp Business you can access through four devices at once and don’t have a green tick.

Meanwhile, the WhatsApp Business API can be obtained from official WhatsApp API Solution Providers such as Mekari Qontak. Unlike WhatsApp Business, the WhatsApp API is designed for medium to large scale businesses and has many features that are only available in the Official WhatsApp Business API, such as WA blast, verified WhatsApp green tick, chatbot, and others.

The WhatsApp API can also be accessed on multiple devices at once to send automatic notifications, such as shipping updates, payment updates, order confirmations, and sending OTP codes (if the customer agrees).

  • Handle an unlimited number of customers with just one WhatsApp number
  • Serve customers 24 hours, non-stop
  • Let AI chatbots automate repetitive conversations and problem resolutions
  • Obtain comprehensive reporting dashboards to monitor sales and customer service on WhatsApp
  • Able to be integrated with CRM software to increase customer service experience
  • Improve customer service performance to be quicker and more efficient
  • Build customer loyalty with the green checkmark credibility feature
  • Send broadcast messages at once to thousands contacts with¬†WhatsApp blast
  • Save on operational costs with an affordable and automated WhatsApp solution
  • Equipped with end-to-end data encryption to ensure the confidentiality of WhatsApp users

Not all businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API. There are some business industries that are not eligible to register for the official WhatsApp Business API. You can check whether your business is eligible or not via WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

Yes, you can upgrade your regular WhatsApp Business account to the official WhatsApp Business API by registering your number with Mekari Qontak.

You as a business person who wants to register and use the WhatsApp Business API must meet the necessary requirements.

There are several things that you need to prepare to be able to carry out the WhatsApp Business API registration process officially from Mekari Qontak, namely:

  1. Facebook Business Manager account.
  2. Business legality documents such as NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha) / SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan) / TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan).
  3. Website and email with the same domain.

Usually the WA API registration process takes up to 5-7 working days. There are 2 stages in the process, namely:

  1. Facebook Business Manager account verification (2-5 days)
  2. WhatsApp Business official display name and number approved (2-3 days)

How to get the official WhatsApp API is quite easy, you only need to register your business with Mekari Qontak and our team will help upgrade your number to the WhatsApp Business API.

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