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All in One Call Center Software Solution

Call Center Software Helps You Make calls Anytime

Automate and monitor all phone calls with a powerful cloud-based call center software.

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Save operational costs
  • Build a professional image


Call Center Software Helps Improve Customer Experience

Increase customer satisfaction with advanced cloud-based phone call solutions for all business operations.

  • Make calls easily and quickly

    Flexibility that can be adjusted to the needs of agents or supervisors and accessed from anywhere via desktop and mobile devices based on iOS or Android.

  • Respond to customer calls faster

    Have virtual line and interactive voice response (IVR) to automatically resolve customer requests without the need to connect with a live call center agent.

  • Automatically record customer calls

    Build accountability by storing call records in an easily accessible database for call center agents to serve customers when needed.

  • High-level agent routing

    Activate the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature to forward phone calls to available agents automatically or manually according to business needs.

Have a Comprehensive Performance Report with the Call Center Application

The call center software is equipped with an analysis report dashboard that is updated in real time and manages data access according to needs and roles.

  • Track call center agent performance

    Evaluation of agent performance to improve call center performance based on comprehensive and updated reports in real time.

  • Set SLA threshold

    Get real time insights and analysis related to call center service activities by setting Service Level Agreement (SLA) thresholds.

  • Integrate multiple communication channels

    Connect call center applications with multiple communication channels in one Omnichannel platform to provide a consistent customer experience across every channel.

  • Make better business decisions

    Improve the quality of customer service by making accurate business decisions based on performance reports that are updated in real time.

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