Best WhatsApp Multi Agent for business

Use WhatsApp Multi Agent manage customer chats from one Account

WhatsApp Multi Agent allows you to use one WhatsApp number with multiple agents.

  • Add unlimited agent on WhatsApp number
  • Communicate with customers in real time
  • Support agents work anywhere using the mobile app
  • Get closer to your customers with personal communication
  • Integration of all channels to support customer service

The Best WhatsAppp Multi Agent

More than 3500 + Indonesian Companies have used Mekari Qontak's WhatsApp Multi Agent

Business challenges without Mekari Qontak WhatsApp Multiple Agent


Missed a lot of messages

Businesses struggle to reply to a lot of customer messages, so there are a few things that go unresponsive.


Limited to only two agents

One WhatsApp account can only be accessed from two agents, so many messages are missed.


Long response time

Customers have to wait a long time to get a response from the two agents, who are only available during operating hours.


Phone must always be online

The phone as the primary device must always be active or online, otherwise WhatsApp messages will not be sent.

WhatsApp Multiple Agent serve your customers effectively

Add unlimited agents to your business WhatsApp account to serve customers faster without any hassles.

One number with many agents

One number with many agents

  • Make it easy for customers to contact you with one WhatsApp number.
  • Get closer to customers by direct chat with multiple agents.
  • Share a single WhatsApp account across multiple devices at the same time.
Limited access

Limited access

  • One WhatsApp number is limited to two agents.
  • The agent has trouble replying to many customer messages.
  • Multiple WhatsApp accounts for one business, which is difficult to monitor.

Get close to your customers by WhatsApp Multi Agent

Several conversations at the same time by WhatsApp Multi Agent

Optimize your company's WhatsApp service by having conversations with multiple customers at once through WhatsApp multiple agents.

Keep your all customer conversions

  • Unlimited messages and chat history that agents can easily access.
  • Automated routing agent to complete each customer request faster.
  • Increase agents' productivity by reducing the average chat handling time
Keep your all customer conversions

Lost customer

  • Limited access to data and chat history, which makes it difficult for agents to develop reach customers.
  • Customers are disappointed because their messages are not answered quickly.
  • Many messages were missed due to limited agents.
Lost customer

Optimize your customer service

Build a better customer experience by WhatsApp Multiple Agent

WhatsApp multiple agents enable businesses to provide the best customer experience with quality service.

Make every customer interaction perfect

Make every customer interaction perfect

  • Solve chats to maintain the inbox nice and tidy.
  • Get all the crucial info about your customers easily.
  • See what agent is reading or writing in real time.
Worst customer experience

Worst customer experience

  • Customer service takes a long time.
  • Difficulty getting customer information.
  • Difficult to monitor agent activity.

Provide the best customer service

What is WhatsApp Multi Agent?

WhatsApp multi agent is a single WhatsApp Business API account that can be accessed by multiple admins at the same time. Businesses can only add unlimited agents to manage their accounts. Unlike the WhatsApp Business, which only limited 2 admins.

WhatsApp multiple agents are sought after by businesses to respond to customers more quickly. This makes businesses focus on serving customers from just one number. That way, there are no more overlapping customer requests or customers who feel annoyed because of the slow response.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Multiple Agent?

  • Accelerate customer service
  • Monitoring customers needs easier
  • Automatically store and manage customer data
  • Share agent tasks automatically
  • Advanced Routing Agent
  • Reach more customers by integrating with other tools, such as omnichannel chat, sales software, or WhatsApp blast to blast unlimited WhatsApp messaging

How to use WhatsApp multi agent on many devices at the same time is as follows:

  • Login via Qontak Chat Panel
  • Setting Chat Assignment
  • Set Message Templates, Auto Reply and Agent Hours
  • Login via Qontak’s Mobile apps
  • Arrange pick-up and delivery of messages

You can get WhatsApp Multi Agent after upgrading from your WhatsApp Business account to WhatsApp Business API provided by registering the number you have with WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

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