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The Best CRM Software in Indonesia

Increase Business Efficiency up to 75% with CRM software

Accelerate sales and customer service with the best CRM application in Indonesia.

  • Instantly customizable CRM software
  • Entire customer history in one best CRM database system
  • Access unlimited data from web and mobile CRM apps
  • Track the field sales team with GPS live tracking
  • Complete solution in one CRM platform

3,500+ businesses have used Mekari Qontak's CRM software

Benefit of CRM Software


Comprehensive reports in one platform

Customize comprehensive business reports according to your needs and can be accessed in real time


Pipeline management

The best CRM software has a unified pipeline management system to monitor orders and tickets


Comprehensive customer information

Get customer information from start to become loyal customer in one interactive dashboard


Automate service on all channels

Provide 24/7 service for every customer from multiple channels in one unified CRM platform

No more losing prospect and customer data

Centralize all lead and customer data in one end-to-end dashboard CRM Software from start prospect to customer.

Build more intimate customer relationships

Build more intimate customer relationships

  • Full 360° view of historical customer data to understand customer needs and personalize conversations
  • Personalize every interaction with customers to increase customer loyalty
  • Automatically save contacts from multiple channels with Omnichannel CRM integration with other apps
Difficult to access customer data

Difficult to access customer data

  • Decentralized customer data makes it difficult to access their data in real time
  • Difficult to understand customer needs because customer data is not well organized
  • Customer information is stored manually so that it is less accurate or at risk of human error

Automate the sales and customer service flow

Make business decisions more accurately with insights from CRM software

Mekari Qontak provides features to help you make efficient and effective business decisions

Monitoring customer activity easier

  • Monitor all activities in one dashboard with more than 40 report templates from sales and CS
  • Monitor employee performance and tasks in real time to ensure all business activities run smoothly
  • Comprehensive reports that can be customized for better business decision making in the future
Monitoring customer activity easier

Difficult to make sure that business run perfectly

  • Hassle in switching applications to monitor and ensure all business activities run smoothly
  • Difficult to control employee performance because it involves many business channels
  • Generate reports manually which risk errors when you recap data from each sales channel
Difficult to make sure that business run perfectly

Track all your business activities now

Streamline 80% of sales and customer service

Organize orders and tickets into a single view of a CRM software that can be tailored to the stage of your business

Manage customer orders without fear of losing them

Manage customer orders without fear of losing them

  • Kanban display with drag & drop that makes it easy to monitor all sales and customer service activities
  • Improve collaboration between teams without switching apps to avoid miscommunication
  • Increase customer satisfaction by prioritizing expired orders and tickets with automatic reminders
Data is not managed properly

Data is not managed properly

  • Tickets and orders are recorded manually, which is difficult to organized
  • Team collaboration is hampered by having to switch apps to complete customer requests
  • Loss of customer because employees are busy handling many orders

Minimize repetitive and manual work

What is a CRM software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a digital tool designed for businesses to build better customer relationships. This tool offers a consistent experience for every interaction to improve customer service and business sales.

CRM software can also be used for sales activities. The CRM software in sales is needed by businesses so that customers become much more loyal in the future.

Mekari Qontak provides an end-to-end solution that connects omnichannel with a CRM system. Qontak’s CRM technology also helps them drive revenue growth, improve productivity and improve customer service.

  • Improve better sales performance
  • Increase profits and efficiency
  • Easy decision-making
  • Stronger data security
  • Mobility optimization for field workers
  • Automate daily tasks
  • Centralized database system: Used to collect, manage and store all customer related information, customer engagement and transaction history, and business as a whole.
  • Opportunity management: Helping businesses to manage unmatched growth and demand, and create sales forecasts based on sales history.
  • KPI Analysis: Able to track and measure the marketing campaigns that the business carries out across channels, as well as track customer-related analytics based on customer clicks and transactions.
  • Contact management: Used by integrating email, documents, fax, tasks, and scheduling for individual accounts.
  • Marketing automation: can help businesses focus on more important marketing tasks, such as customer re-engagement or personalization.
  • Integration: maximize performance and business workflows easily and effectively through the ability to integrate into various business systems.
  • CRM system can track the sales team and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Improve contact or database management
  • Can increase customer retention
  • Get customer satisfaction
  • CRM software can also help improve sales management
  • Improved sales management by CRM software will help increase your sales in the long term
  • Creating work efficiency
  • Creating good team collaboration through WhatsApp CRM
  • Get accurate reports and business analysis in real time
  • Management: a system that focuses on managing and improving customer
  • Relationship: build good interactions between customers and businesses.
  • Customer: a person or individual who is planning, currently and has purchased a product or service from a company.


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