Best CRM Tools

Powerful CRM tools to accelerate KPIs and business performance

Use the best CRM tools to simplify the sales process, manage customer relationship data, and track your team’s performance.

  • Instantly customizable CRM software
  • Entire customer history in one best database system
  • Access unlimited data from web and mobile apps
  • Track the field sales team with GPS live tracking
  • Complete solution in one platform

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Problems that businesses often face without a CRM tool


Complicated and long workflow

No automated system can effectively speed up business workflow


Difficult to manage database & leads

Management of databases and leads is done manually and hassle


Ineffective business processes

Teams must perform the same and time-consuming tasks over and over


Data is not recorded and stored

Unable to save customer data and conversation history automatically

CRM tools have a holistic perspective on customers

Get comprehensive insights into your business and customers with a centralized database

Manage database and leads easily

Manage database and leads easily

  • Get an easy 360 degree database view of your leads and accounts from a single screen.
  • Get full details of all activities, including customer conversations, deal statuses, and touchpoints.
  • Define unlimited hierarchical layers to manage data access settings to secure and protect your database.
Difficult to manage database

Difficult to manage database

  • There is no 360-degree view of the database that can help to find out more about leads and accounts.
  • It is difficult to know the full details of all the activities carried out by the team and the business as a whole.
  • Unable to define a hierarchical data layer to manage secure data access settings.

Save all dynamic data easily by CRM tools

Increase business performance and productivity

Use the advanced report dashboard to evaluate and make better business decisions

Reports can be customized

  • Change the report defaults or create your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities.
  • Identify your sales trends over weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly time periods with trend line and activity reports.
  • Build incentives and optimized organization based on targets vs. team and member achievements.
Reports can be customized

Reports cannot be customized

  • Unable to create your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities.
  • There are no trend line and activity reports to help identify your sales trends over a certain period of time.
  • Unable to build incentives and optimized organization based on targets vs. achievement.
Reports cannot be customized

Powerful dashboard at your fingertips

Maximize your sales and revenue

No more losing customers with proper deal, project and business process management

Convert customers easily

Convert customers easily

  • Monitor orders and tickets according to stages automatically on the kanban board display.
  • Visualize and create customizable pipelines to manage any sales, project and process.
  • Handle rotting deals and interconnected pipelines easily and effectively with CRM tools.
Difficult to convert customers

Difficult to convert customers

  • The operational process is confusing because there is no easy display of the kanban board.
  • It's hard to visualize and create custom pipelines to manage any sales, project, and process.
  • Many deals rot because there is no time limit at each stage and a system that can connect the pipeline.

Automate your business process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CRM tools?

CRM tools are digital tools that help businesses manage successful customer relationships. These tools also play a role in attracting prospects, converting them into customers, and keeping existing customers loyal.

CRM tools will provide businesses with detailed analytical reports on customer relationships and team performance. The report will be displayed on an interactive dashboard. This makes it easy for you to track all team activity and customer interactions in real time.

What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

The ERP system is a back-office system, while the CRM system is a front-office system. ERP system aims to form an information system, CRM aims to form customer data. The two systems work together interactively to generate data that managers can use to increase competition through cost reductions and increased sales. The goal of CRM technology is to link front-office (sales, marketing, customer service) and back-office (finance, operations, logistics, and HR) functions with the company’s customers.

CRM tools work by simplifying business workflow processes automatically to work more effectively and efficiently.

  • Automatically manage contacts/database management on one database system
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction through fast and precise service
  • Sales CRM tracks sales team activities and sales KPIs accurately and in real-time anywhere
  • Advancing sales management results in increased efficiency and revenue
  • Creating collaboration between team and company through chat omnichannel
  • Helping business growth through comprehensive data insights regarding customers and business activities
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