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Accelerate sales and customer service

Mekari Qontak’s end-to-end features are accessible in real-time to accelerate your business growth

Omnichannel Communication

All-in-one chat and voice management solution to automate business

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Sales CRM

Track sales team locations and monitor KPIs in real time

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Customer Service CRM

End-to-end ticketing and helpdesk management to improve efficiency

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WhatsApp API

WhatsApp blast, official verified badge, chatbot, and multiagent system

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Customize bot messages and agent assignment as needed without coding

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Cloud IP PBX

Call center telephony, VoIP, IVR and wallboard for optimal customer service

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Mekari Qontak plays a crucial role in preventing customer loss across multiple channels.

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What is omnichannel CRM?

Omnichannel CRM is a customer relationship management software integrated with multiple channels. It automatically manages prospect and customer information in one database. This information can be used to build closer customer relationships.

The goal of omnichannel CRM is increased sales, and more effective customer service. For example, planning, scheduling, and controlling sales and post-sales activities more efficiently.

Entrepreneurs have proven the capabilities of cloud-integrated CRM omnichannel. It’s time for you to reap the benefits, now.

What are the Benefits of Omnichannel CRM?

The advantages of Omnichannel CRM for companies are:

1. Centralize data

Omnichannel CRM automatically stores all business and customer interactions across channels. These interactions are managed automatically in one database. You can more easily understand customer interest in a product or service. It can also be taken into consideration in developing strategies and sales, and so on.

2. Effective promotional tools

Omnichannel CRM can be used as an effective marketing or promotional medium. Through the data stored in the application, you can make targeted promotional strategies, including choosing the right channels.

3. Increase loyalty

Take advantage of Omnichannel CRM to collect feedback directly from customers. You can use this feedback to build better customer satisfaction strategies.

4. Flexibility

Omnichannel CRM is easy to use and can be customized according to business needs. In addition, Omnichannel CRM can also be integrated across multiple business channels such as WhatsApp Business, social media such as Facebook, Instagram and more.

5. Efficiency

Omnichannel CRM handles automatic data recording and storage, as well as business activity reporting. It means you don’t do it manually. Plus, your team doesn’t need to switch apps to collaborate.

Omnichannel CRM connects multiple communication channels in one unified platform. Then the system will save all activities automatically.

For example, a customer wants to order a product. The command will be converted into a ticket that can be seen on the pipeline dashboard. Then the team can call. This activity will generate a sales report in graphical form.

The following people or organizations use Omnichannel CRM:

  • Company
  • Business owner
  • Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises
  • Businessman
  • Influencer
  • Government organizations or agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • and others.

There are many disadvantages to not using an Omnichannel CRM. One of them is low productivity. Because employees have to enter data manually. The data is also difficult for other employees to access.

This does not happen if the company uses the Omnichannel CRM software. Because this app will automatically store and manage all customer interactions. Moreover, Omnichannel CRM can be used from anywhere via mobile devices, so that employees can access customer data freely.

Qontak is an official, certified and legal company. Company data and security systems are guarded very tightly, consumer data and Qontak users are also highly protected.

Qontak is ISO 2700 certified. In addition, Mekari Qontak API Services is equipped with JSON-based Auth2 API. All requests must be secure (HTTPS) and authenticated.

Qontak is part of the Mekari Group, which provides many business software products that are trusted by many companies in Indonesia.

Qontak’s software integration features help business to manage business activities, and maintain corporate data synchronization & security easier. Leave the use of many separate business software, which is a hassle in overall business data collaboration.

Register and login to the Qontak’s website, or install the Qontak software on Google Play and the App Store.

Free trial!

You do not have to download the Qontak software for your computer. Use directly in the browser (web-based) or download and install the mobile app.

The price for Omnichannel CRM in Indonesia is currently relatively affordable, even for small businesses. Package prices are starting at RP 249 thousand / month, which is cheaper than the cost of accounting staff services per month.

The Qontak pricing page offers subscription price packages that vary depending on your business needs. Learn more at Qontak pricing page.

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