The best sales pipeline management system

Achieve more target easily by better sales and accounts pipeline visualization

A lightweight way to track pipeline progress and action items on specific accounts for the sales team

  • Customize pipeline and its stages according to your needs
  • Create multiple pipelines in one account with adjustable fields
  • Get real-time custom reporting for all pipeline and stages
  • Automatically record all deals and service tickets
  • Easy and flexible integration with multiple business apps

Manajemen Pipeline

Track action items and keep opportunities moving

Simplify steps through an organized pipeline management display, to quicken sales lifecycles

  • 360 degrees customer database display

    All customer data is displayed on one dashboard to provide the best possible insights.

  • Customizable pipelines on a single comprehensive dashboard

    Differentiate each step of the business to better understand every sales lifecycles.

  • Visualize all sales and accounts

    Avoid missing opportunities and clients by adjusting the visuals of every pipelines.

  • Prioritize time-pressed tickets

    Activate automatic triggers for expiring tickets to convert clients on time.

Resolve tickets and close deals faster

Manage and complete requests and collaborate with others on one integrated platform.

  • Centralize all communication channels

    Integrate WhatsApp, IG, Email, and others within one state-of-the-art platform.

  • Filter and navigate according to your needs

    Map, save, and filter data according to your liking and business needs.

  • Real time & highly customizable reports

    Get better business insights from real-time reports for all of your pipelines and its stages.

  • Meet customer needs through easy team collaboration

    Collaborate between teams and build custom access based on division or teams.

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