Sales management system

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Easily increase your sales, from anywhere, with the best sales management system. Win more offers and strengthen customer relationships now.

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Problems that often occur without Sales Management System


Unorganized data

Sales data and customer information are mixed in every business channel.


Unable to monitoring

Businesses can’t track sales progress and team performance in real time.


Lost sales opportunity

Customers switch to competitors because of poor and complicated service.


Not integrated

Each sales channel is not interconnected, so many customer orders are overlapping

Improve revenue fast

Grow your sales and employee productivity by putting all your sales activities on one platform.

Everything you need to sell faster and smarter

Everything you need to sell faster and smarter

  • 360 degree database view that makes it easy to understand customer needs.
  • Visualization of complete details about customers such as offer status and appointments with them.
  • Group your team by geography, deal size, product division, and more to speed up the sales process
Sales are stagnant and difficult to grow

Sales are stagnant and difficult to grow

  • Sales data and other customer information are separate.
  • Difficulty in understanding customer wishes.
  • Irregular sales assignment

Get maximum profit now!

Customizable advanced reporting dashboard

Modify default reports or build your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. Use the insights from reports to adjust course and grow your revenue.

See more data and draw conclusions faster without having to build manually

  • Adjust targets for your sales team and measure performance based on achievements.
  • Powerful dashboard at your fingertips which can be downloaded to PDF, CSV, and XLS.
  • Identify trends in your sales over weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time periods.
See more data and draw conclusions faster without having to build manually

Inaccurate sales report

  • Sales reports are generated manually, which is prone to errors.
  • Unable to know sales trend in real time.
  • Sales report generation takes a long time.
Inaccurate sales report

Streamline your work now!

Monitor your sales in real time

Visualize and build customizable channels to manage any sales, project, and process without switching platforms.

Monitor all sales activity from one dashboard

Monitor all sales activity from one dashboard

  • Easily drag deals from one stage to another after completing a task.
  • Multiple pipeline views in one dashboard allow you to easily switch between all your business sales processes.
  • Set time limits on each stage to ensure service level agreement standards in your business.
It's easy to lose disappointed customers

It's easy to lose disappointed customers

  • Overwhelmed by completing customer requests caused by customer messages piling up.
  • Disappointing customers because of long service to solve customer problems
  • Overlapping customer requests due to the same order in different business channels

Track your sales!

What is sales management system?

Sales management system is a tool that businesses use to achieve sales targets. The app is capable of tracking data, reducing admin tasks, and assigning leads.

The sales management application will also automatically store customer information on the platform. The information helps streamline sales and marketing collaboration.

What is benefit of sales management system?

The benefits of using a sales management system are:

  • Provide insights regarding prospects and business
  • Automate the sales process
  • Sales CRM tracks sales activity on duty in the field in real time with sales tracking system
  • Improve team communication and collaboration
  • Create a great customer experience
  • Evaluate performance and sales team
  • Key management to prioritize lead management, such as tracking potential prospects from the source, alerting, prospecting until reaching a close agreement to track deals
  • The sophisticated report dashboard in a sales helpdesk can be customized according to the needs of the business or company
  • So that it can make it easier for sales to carry out the sales process
  • Pipeline and process management to visualize and create customizable pipelines, to manage sales, projects, deals and any process in one sales software
  • Automatic reminder notification to remind you about certain activities or agendas
  • GPS live location tracking that can be done offline and in real time
  • Reports and Analytics provide insights and perspectives on customers, sales, and the business as a whole
  • Integration with various other business support systems
  • Mobile Access to ensure productive while out of the office
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