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Streamline the sales process with the best software to automate repetitive tasks, allowing the sales team to concentrate on sales and boost revenue.

  • Keep track of sales activity in real-time
  • Cut operating costs by up to 20%
  • Improve visiting route planning efficiency
  • Obtain precise sales reports

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Manual order log

Manual recording of customer interactions and orders by the team increases the risk of errors.


Work overload

The sales team spends a lot of time and energy on repetitive tasks instead of selling.


Inaccurate reports

Manual creation of sales reports with limited data increases the chance of mistakes.

Boost your revenue with of sales software

Streamline the sales process using software that can be tailored to meet your business needs

Get a visual representation of customer orders and data with the software

Get a visual representation of customer orders and data with the software

  • Automatically keep track of all incoming customer orders in a central database
  • Easily move deal cards from one stage to another either manually or automatically
  • Focus on following up on prioritized deals that have not progressed and setting reminders
Unorganized sales process

Unorganized sales process

  • The sales process is unorganized, with each customer order recorded by hand
  • Every order is manually reviewed to track its progress
  • Customer order data and other information often don't match up

Boost sales efficiency

Enhance sales team productivity

Centralize sales team tasks and activities in one accessible platform

Comprehensive sales activity tracking

  • Monitor all sales activities displayed in one interactive dashboard
  • Streamline the allocation of tasks and responsibilities in a centralized platform
  • Enhance sales team KPI calculation transparency through task completion status monitoring
Comprehensive sales activity tracking

The lack of integration between assignment and reporting processes hampers productivity

  • Assignment and reporting are not in one platform
  • The sales team performs a lot of repetitive tasks
  • Lack of visibility into the team's performance makes it challenging to track progress
The lack of integration between assignment and reporting processes hampers productivity

Boost your sales team performance

Automatically generate accurate sales reports

Use ready-made report templates with interactive illustrations such as charts, pie charts, graphics.

Make the right decisions based on accurate reports

Make the right decisions based on accurate reports

  • Maximize efficiency in report generation using available template
  • Streamline the process of accessing and downloading sales reports for any given period
  • Provide transparency on the performance of the sales team anytime and anywhere
 Sales report made manually

Sales report made manually

  • Manually entering sales and other data causes time to be wasted
  • The generated reports are typically limited to a certain time span
  • The entered data is less accurate due to the possibility of human error

Get real time sales report

What is sales software?

Sales software is a tool that helps businesses simplify the sales cycle. It optimizes the performance of all stages of sales, from responding to customer inquiries and ordering to payment.

Implementation of sales management software, ensuring the sales team accesses data to achieve daily sales targets. It also increases the chance of turning potential leads into loyal customers.

What are the benefits of sales software?

Some benefits of sales software are:

  • Sales management, like customer information or databases to track sales
  • CRM software reduces the amount of incoming data automatically, thus saving time
  • Simplify sales promotions via email or social media without leaving the impression of being boring
  • Records detailed customer information such as phone numbers, call history, and sales details automatically to the database
  • Automate workflows such as updating databases, scheduling meeting calendars, creating tasks, and setting reminders to discontinue sales
  • Monitor the position of employees while on duty in the field in real-time with a sales tracking system. Improve teamwork with easy access to all the information that sales members need, thereby reducing team meetings

Some must-have features for sales software are:

  • Sales Tracking
  • Sales Forecast
  • Sales Activity Report
  • Funnel Report
  • Conversion rate
  • Integrated sales CRM
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