Natural Language Processing (NLP)

More than 60% customers interactions bounced due to templating responses!

Worry-not, Mekari Qontak has launched NLP integration in Chatbot. Transform customer support and prospect interactions with more personalized and natural conversational experiences!

NLP leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that is easy to manage and personalize in your Chatbot.

Lebih dari 60% interaksi pelanggan bounced karena respon terlalu template!

Discover the various benefits of NLP to maximize
your Chatbot in Omnichannel management

Customer experience

Enhance conversational experience enhances efficiency and productivity

  • Improve bot capabilities in understanding complex questions.
  • Increase interactions that are more natural and contextual, tailored to customer inquiries.
  • Enhance customer engagement, regularly and well-managed.
Chat Flow Customer Experience
Keyword Optimization

AI with continuous learning management module to improve scalability.

  • Ability to train the Chatbot with specific keywords and phrases according to potential customer inquiries.
  • Flexibility in updating and optimizing NLP understanding.
  • Increased rate of automatically resolving customer escalations or inquiries
Training chatbot for keyword optimization
Stay competitive

Stay ahead in a competitive market with a revolutionary solution

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Create standout opportunities in smart customer interaction strategies.
  • Stand out with innovation and customer-centric support.
Bot performance yang unggul dan kompetitif

“We use Mekari Qontak for the core service system so that there are several customer services that can handle the same customer service core.”

Chitra FebrimawarniCustomer Service Manager



Faster response rate

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is NLP in Mekari Qontak's Chatbot?

NLP (Natural Language Processing) in Mekari Qontak’s Chatbot is an artificial intelligence technology that enables the Chatbot to understand and respond to natural language from customers. This makes the experience of interacting with customers more humane, fast, and personal in providing answers.

How does NLP enhance the customer experience?

NLP provides a more natural and relevant conversational experience. NLP chatbots can recognize the complexities of language and context behind customer questions, thereby providing appropriate and relevant answers quickly.

A Chatbot with NLP integration allows for more accurate and contextual responses. In a regular Chatbot, responses are limited to predefined flows. However, with NLP, the Chatbot can respond directly without being bound to specific flows, creating a more personalized engagement and answers with customers.

No, a Chatbot with NLP integration is suitable for businesses of various sizes. With its user-friendliness and scalability, NLP chatbots can support a variety of industries and businesses from small to large scales in increasing engagement and responsiveness from customer service.

Training the Chatbot with NLP in Mekari Qontak is easy and intuitive. Your team can train the Chatbot with relevant keywords and phrases according to your business needs. The more NLP chatbots interact with customers, the smarter and more accurate their responses will be.

We prioritize the security of customer data. NLP integration in Mekari Qontak’s Chatbot is designed with strict security measures to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

NLP Chatbot integration enables Chatbots to provide quick and accurate responses automatically. By answering general and routine questions in a relevant manner, Chatbot frees up agent/support team time to handle more complex questions, and can increase productivity and efficiency.

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