The ultimate solution for your sales team

Supercharge team productivity by 75% with Qontak CRM

Facilitate the sales team by automating repetitive tasks and tracking field activity and achievements in real-time

  • Easy Task automation based on specific triggers
  • Automatically record customer journey and history
  • Route Tracking of sales rep on a daily basis in real-time
  • View top performers from a leaderboard and percentage basis

Problems sales team encounter without the omnichannel CRM

Low time efficiency on operations
Low time efficiency on operations

Administrative tasks handled by sales team reduces time efficiency and productivity

Lack of Real time data updates
Lack of Real time data updates

Manual Reporting managed by Sales Team

Low collaboration rate
Low collaboration rate

Lack of a centralized platform for collaboration resulting in low productivity & collaboration

Easily track your sales health

Monitor the most important sales KPIs; new leads, deals in the pipeline, and volume by location to get a complete picture of your essential sales figures

No Task left behind

No Task left behind

  • Highly customizable centralized database accesible to each individual according to hierarchy
  • Integrated Dashboard to track all sales activity , conversations, deal status and more
  • Create automatic reminders based on triggers to remind ongoing tasks and deals
Lower team productivity

Lower team productivity

  • Leads data and sales channel are scattered making it challenging for sales to follow up
  • Journey of the customers are not recorded and unclear
  • no clear view of the sales pipelines as well as lack of information of its stages

Increase sales without missing opportunities

Get accurate analysis for better team performance

Boost accountability through real-time visibility into the field with geo-based sales rep tracking

Automatically Track and record all sales team activity

  • View sales reps real-time location, activity, and status on an easy map view
  • Sales reps can collect any data: notes, tasks, customer signatures, and even orders
  • All data from several business channels are automatically synchronized
Automatically Track and record all sales team activity

Automate sales operations with smart workflows

  • Difficulty in monitoring individual agent locations due to technological limitations
  • No real-time reports due to sales team needs to manually update it
  • Risk of having sales team fake their activities and compromise the performance reports
Automate sales operations with smart workflows

Automate sales operations using smart workflows

What is the best CRM software for sales teams?

The Omnichannel CRM is the software to simplify sales processes through automation. This lightens the load for the sales team by automatic recording of repetitive tasks, sales tracking, report generation, inventory management and more.

Additionally, the best CRM software for sales can support marketing strategies such as brand strengthening and campaign development according to new and existing trends.

What are the benefits of using the Omnichannel CRM?

  • Better retention levels
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Get more referrals and reviews
  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • Automate sales operations with smart workflows in Sales CRM
  • Automate customer data collection and management
  • Connect offline and online experience
  • Enhance brand recall and image
  • Significantly raise sales and revenue targets
  • 360 view and analysis reports
  • Task management and KPI tracking
  • Omnichannel chat feature (WhatsApp API, Instagram API, Email and more)
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Mobile application accessibility
  • Document automation
  • Integration with other sales-supporting software

When a customer is interested in the marketing content displayed on your company’s Instagram account, customers are directed to the company website for more information. The Omnichannel displays a direct link to the website for customers to click directly from Instagram without having to open a browser. Similar features are available for other channels.

All customer activity will be stored automatically within the CRM. Information on customer activity can be used to analyze for insights on customer needs, as well as to design better marketing strategies in the future.

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