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Pipeline Management

Increase sales and customer service without limits

Serve customers and make sales from anywhere without space restrictions by using Omnichannel CRM mobile access.

Increase sales and customer service without limits

Simplify the sales process and customer service

Simplify the stages through a simple and detailed pipeline view, which can speed up the sales and customer service process.

  • Visualization of customer database with 360 degree

    All customer information can be displayed in one dashboard, giving you complete insight about them.

  • One dashboard with many customizable pipelines

    Each stage in the business is distinguished in one pipeline, making it easier for you to monitor the progress of sales and customer service.

  • Visualization of sales and customer service tickets

    Keep track of all sales and customer service tickets so that nothing is missed.

  • Prioritize tickets that will expire

    Activate automatic triggers to remind tickets that are about to expire, that way you won’t lose a customer.

Complete more tickets and sales

Manage and solve more customer requests together with other teams without switching apps

  • Connect all business communication channels in one platform

    Integrate your business channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, and more in one unified platform to facilitate business operations

  • Filter your data according to your needs

    Organize your data as needed to make it easier for you to serve customer requests

  • Drag deal cards from one stage to another with ease

    Easily move tickets or deals from one stage to another right after completion via the Drag deal card feature.

  • Facilitate team collaboration to resolve customer requests

    Engage other teams to resolve customer requests faster without switching apps.

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