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Commerce WhatsApp makes product shopping easier

Mekari Qontak is an official WhatsApp API partner that supports direct sales via Commerce WhatsApp.

  • Automatically share product catalogs from Chatbot
  • Record and manage customer orders more efficiently
  • Blast promotional messages to contacts at the same time
  • Send delivery notifications on a scheduled basis
  • WhatsApp’s integration with other sales channels

WhatsApp Commerce belanja jadi lebih mudah

More than 3,500+ businesses in Indonesia uses Mekari Qontak's Commerce WhatsApp

Advantages of Commerce WhatsApp


Verified WA Account

It has a verified badge that shows the verified account owns the business. It can increase customer trust.


Automatic Catalog Share

The chatbot will send the product catalog automatically, so users don’t have to bother clicking the shopping button next to the business name.


Send Unlimited Blast

Send mass promotion messages to multiple numbers at once without worrying about account blocking.


Flexible WA API integration

WhatsApp account with other business platforms to provide perfect customer service across all channels.

Commerce WhatsApp helps Customers Shop Easier

Facilitate customers to shop directly on WhatsApp by sharing product catalogs automatically via Chatbot.

Hassle-free shopping on WhatsApp

Hassle-free shopping on WhatsApp

  • Set up Chatbot to send catalogs automatically.
  • Record orders and invoice payments instantly.
  • Process payments and orders without switching apps.
Lost sales

Lost sales

  • The customer has to search for the shop button to view the product.
  • New orders are processed after getting confirmation from busy agents.
  • Customers have to switch between applications to complete orders.

Accelerate sales process

Send Promotions to Thousands of Contacts at Once

Send promotional messages without fear of blocking multiple contacts at once, making it more efficient.

Get more customers easily

  • Blast promotional messages to concurrent contacts without being blocked.
  • Automatically reply to every customer order quickly in just seconds.
  • Add unlimited agents to serve customers faster.
Get more customers easily

Disappointed customers

  • Customer orders piled up waiting for the agent's response.
  • Overlapping messages cause messages to be ignored.
  • WhatsApp account blocked because it was detected sending spam.
Disappointed customers

Reach many customers with Commerce WhatsApp

Increase Sales Instantly

Have full insight into sales activity in interactive reports dashboard in real time, without missing anything.

Monitor sales with WhatsApp Commerce

Monitor sales with WhatsApp Commerce

  • Monitor all order activity in one easy-to-reach interactive dashboard.
  • Prioritize near-expired tickets, so no more lost sales.
  • Evaluate all sales activity from dashboard reports to make better decisions.
Track sales activity

Track sales activity

  • A decentralized database system that makes monitoring easy.
  • The business decisions made are less effective.
  • Sales support data collected is less accurate because it is manual.

Optimize Product Sales

What is Commerce WhatsApp?

Commerce WhatsApp is a new feature of WhatsApp Business that makes it easy for users to browse the business catalog. WhatsApp catalog is displayed in the form of a shopping button right next to the business name.

But before that, users had to click on the business profile to see if there was a list of items offered in the catalog. Shopping buttons also help increase their product visibility and increase sales.

Commerce WhatsApp feature allows potential customers to browse the catalog, select items, and check through a single message. In the transaction section, many business owners accept and accept payments digitally using ‘payments on WhatsApp’.

Does WhatsApp Business Pay?

No, WhatsApp Business is specifically designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to build good relationships with their customers. Even so, they don’t have to pay a business WhatsApp subscription fee. This means WhatsApp business is Free.

Chat Commerce is an effort made by online stores to reach customers through instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. One way to do this is to send messages that aim to recommend products, customer service centers, order status notifications, and build trust.

You can get Commerce WhatsApp through WhatsApp Business. While business WhatsApp, you can get for free on the Play Store or App Store.

The easy way to leverage WhatsApp or better known as the WhatsApp Business API is

  • Register your business number with Business Solution Providers (BSP) WhatsApp API
  • Apply for Facebook Business Manager Verification
  • Wait for the leverage process and get a green check mark (verified badge) on your WhatsApp account
  • Set up chatbot to send catalog (commerce) automatically
  • Try chatting Commerce WhatsApp via Chatbot

Yes, you can upgrade from your WhatsApp Business account to the WhatsApp Business API by registering your number with Mekari Qontak. Just click here.

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