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Revolutionize your customer support with Qontak Service Suites

With combined CRM and omnichannel capabilities enhanced with cutting-edge AI, Qontak Service Suites is a application ecosystem designed to be a modern solution for a superior customer service.

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A holistic ecosystem for customer support

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Boost the quality of your business's customer service
with Qontak Service Suites

Boost customer service satisfaction and efficiency

  • Unified knowledge base system
    Centralize your collective intelligence with our single-solution knowledge base system to empower your agents to swiftly locate precise answers, enhancing response efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless ticket integration
    With an integrated ticket generation system, agents can escalate complex issues easier and faster directly from their workspace.
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Establish a superior and consistent customer service

  • Enhanced QA and agent scorecard
    Support managers to directly evaluate agents' performance through chat panels, set specific standard (e.g., greeting protocols), and ensure target achievements to create a consistent customer service quality.
  • Refined SLA management
    Establish and monitor Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies from a singular dashboard to ensure your team not only meets but exceeds performance benchmarks and drives continuous improvement.

A more responsive and personalized customer service

  • AI Chatbot
    Deliver immediate, human-like responses with AI without expanding your team to significantly reduce first response rate to be more prompt, setting the stage for high-quality customer interactions.
  • Airene's intelligence suite
    Equip your agents with powerful features of summarization, recap, paraphrase, and translate to help them give contextual, personalized, and consistent responses that align with your company's guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Qontak Service Suites?

Qontak Service Suites is a modern customer service application solution to support the productivity of agents and managers with AI-powered chat and sales automation in order to provide an optimal and high quality service.

Qontak Service Suites helps to boost customer service efficiency and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Qontak Service Suites offers a modern and integrated ecosystem for customer support, which includes:

1. Omnichannel: Mekari Qontak’s excellent feature which integrates various communication channels including web chat, social media, e-commerce, and other instant messaging apps into one integrated platform. It helps businesses to manage interactions with customers and prospecting customers efficiently.

2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): A system that helps you manage interactions with customers, simplify sales and marketing processes, and improve customer service quality. This is especially important for businesses looking to improve customer relationships, increase sales, and optimize overall operations.

3. Agent productivity is a system to support your agents in getting the right information quickly, thereby increasing response efficiency as well as ensuring customer satisfaction.

4. Agent monitoring is a performance management system that supports managers in evaluating agent performance directly via the chat panel, set specific standard (such as greeting protocols), and ensure target achievements. This will help your business to have a superior and consistent customer service.”

Qontak Service Suites helps companies to carry out an optimized customer service operations and evaluations by helping CS agents to provide the best customer experience and managers to monitor service quality. It is an important system that is suitable for every business owners, directors, and customer service managements.

Revolutionize your customer service capabilities and experience with Mekari Qontak

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