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Omnichannel Software Serve Customers Up to 80% Faster

Mekari Qontak omnichannel software makes it easy for you to monitor and manage all sales and customer service from customers’ favorite instant messaging channels.

  • Integrate multiple communication channels in one platform
  • Reach customers wider than many marketing channels
  • Increase customer satisfaction with consistent service in every channel
  • Improve sales opportunities

More than 3,500+ businesses have taken the advantage of Omnichannel Software

Business challenges without omnichannel software


Overload because Many channels to monitor

Productivity decreases due to having to browse and go back and forth multiple pages of instant messaging channels


Admin is different for each channel

One admin struggles to serve and capture sales opportunities in every existing channel. Increase lost sales opportunities


Different contact for each admin

1 WhatsApp number cannot be used for multiple admins on various devices and 1 social media account must be shared


Data is not recorded

Cannot save data and conversation history automatically, and spread across different admins’ devices

No more losing prospect and customer data

Centralize all lead and customer data in one end-to-end platform from the very beginning to be customers

Complete tasks effectively and efficiently

Complete tasks effectively and efficiently

  • Multiple channels in one platform allows you and your team to reply to messages easily and quickly.
  • Increase productivity between teams by automatically sharing each incoming message by priority.
  • Auto save contacts from multiple channels and escalate them to the relevant team.
 Work becomes complicated

Work becomes complicated

  • The hassle of switching between applications from different channels
  • Confusing and overlapping division of tasks causes task completion to be ineffective
  • Saving multiple contacts manually without automatic systems makes you work inefficiently

Automatically follow up customers effectively

Make more accurate business decisions

Mekari Qontak provides features to help you make efficient and effective business decisions

Have a holistic perspective on your business

  • Monitor all agent and business activities in all incoming messages and conversations
  • Manage and monitor all the achievements of each agent from their performance
  • Find out how satisfied customers are with the business through CSAT survey
 Have a holistic perspective on your business

Monitor business activity manually

  • The hassle of monitoring all business activities simultaneously makes productivity ineffective
  • Team performance and SLA cannot be monitored in real-time and must be monitored manually
  • Performing report analysis manually due to the absence of an automated system
 Monitor business activity manually

Get to know business activities thoroughly

Unlimited customer service with Omnichannel Software

Complete your omnichannel software with chatbot for 24/7 automated customer service. Stop losing customers effectively.

 Maximizing the level of customer satisfaction

Maximizing the level of customer satisfaction

  • Answer customer messages automatically with the help of a sophisticated WhatsApp bot
  • Route messages to the relevant team without any hassle can Increase productivity
  • Process customers orders and complaints automatically and in real-time in one platform
 Low level of customer satisfaction

Low level of customer satisfaction

  • Customers feel disappointed and dissatisfied due to slow handling responses
  • Communication between teams does not run smoothly and makes the less productivity
  • Long handling time for customer requests is caused due to the absence of a system

Reach more customers with omnichannel software

What is omnichannel software?

Omnichannel software is a tool that combines all business communication channels into a single interface. The goal is to provide a seamless customer service.

Mekari Qontak provides Omnichannel software integrated with CRM. This integration makes it easy for you to manage customer interactions, thereby driving business growth.

In addition, Mekari Qontak is also the official partner of the WhatsApp API and Instagram API. This helps you have the best communication channel for sales or customer service. The advantage of the WA blast feature is that it is able to reach many customers via mass messages in a short time.

Omnichannel software connects all your business sales and communication channels. It allows you to manage all communication channels from just one application.

For example, when a customer wants to buy a product after viewing it from their Instagram account. He asked the seller about the product via DM Instagram.

Then during the conversation, he wanted to change the communication channel from Instagram to WhatsApp, which was considered more convenient. He can immediately move the need to repeat the previous question in the Instagram DM.

Because conversations are saved automatically by Omnichannel system. Customers can also be more comfortable interacting from any channel. Although, you don’t have to worry about losing their previous interaction history.

Omnichannel software is a multichannel upgrade to be more extensive and real-time. Multichannel work in parallel or individually, each from the team, system and messaging. It is different from omnichannel software, which integrates all business channels.

  • Improved customer retention rate by providing a choice of communication channels for customers without the fear of losing their previous interaction history.
  • Increased turnover, where your business can reach customers from different channels at the same time.
  • Customer satisfaction increases after getting better service in terms of quality and time efficiency.
  • Increase the number of referrals and recommendations from customers who are satisfied with your business services.
  • Efficient because all data from various channels is stored in one platform and can be accessed through any channel.
  • Collect better customer data that helps businesses understand their needs.
  • Blending online and offline interaction experiences
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