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Create Strong Customers Engagement and Relationship with a Scalabale Omnichannel Software

Mekari Qontak omnichannel software makes it easy to monitor, manage all sales and customer service from your clients’ favorite instant-messaging channels

  • Integrate multiple communication channels into one platform
  • Reach a wider audience with Omnichannel customer service
  • Increase customer satisfaction with consistent service through all channels
  • Identify, capture and optimize sales opportunities through omnichannel contact center

More than 3,500+ businesses in Indonesia uses Mekari Qontak Omnichannel customer service

Business challenges without an Omnichannel Customer Service


Decreased productivity

Productivity decreases due to goingback and forth multiple pages of instant messaging channels.


Lost sales opportunities

One admin struggles to serve and capture sales opportunities in every existing channel.


Unintegrated conversations

Agents cannot unify all chats on different channels due to single credential.


Unrecorded data

Contacts information and conversation history scattered across different admin devices.

No more losing prospects and customer data

Centralize all leads and customer data in one end-to-end platform from the very beginning of customer interaction.

Complete tasks effectively and efficiently

Complete tasks effectively and efficiently

  • Multiple channels in one omnichannel software allows you to easily and automatically respond inquiries.
  • Increase teams productivity with cross task assignment on an unified platform.
  • Strengthen team collaboration through easy escalation on multiple agent settings.
Work becomes too complicated

Work becomes too complicated

  • The hassle of switching between applications from different channels creates stress and disorientation.
  • Ineffective processes and work flows creates confusions and overlaps of tasks.
  • Inefficiency and time-conuming task in saving multiple contacts manually.

Get greater efficiency in Omnichannel customer service

Make better business decisions

Mekari Qontak Omnichannel customer service help you make more accurate and informed business decisions.

A holistic perspective on business operations

  • Monitor agent and business activities in all incoming messages in various channels.
  • Motivate agents to achieve more through performance review of recorded improvements.
  • Gauge customer satisfaction through CSAT survey from the omnichannel software.
A holistic perspective on business operations

Manual monitoring process

  • Productivity decreases due to the hassle of monitoring all business activities simultaneously .
  • Team performance and SLA cannot be monitored in real-time and must be monitored manually.
  • No real-time and automated reports due to manual and repetitive inputs.
Manual monitoring process

Better recognize business activities

Round-the-clock customer service with Omnichannel software

Add a final touch to your Omnichannel software with the 24/7 Chatbot App. Automate responses and see your customer base grow.

Maximize customer satisfaction

Maximize customer satisfaction

  • Automatically respond to each inquiry on WhatsApp with our sophisticated Chatbot App.
  • Increase productivity by routing messages immediately to the relevant team.
  • Process customer orders and complaints in a centralized platform in real-time with no hassle.
Low customer satisfaction

Low customer satisfaction

  • Disappointed customers are dissatisfied due to slow responses.
  • Disoriented communication between teams decrease overall productivity.
  • Lack of an organised system increases handling time and loss of efficiency.

Reach more customers with our Omnichannel Software

What is omnichannel software?

The Omnichannel Software is a tool for businesses combining all communication channels into a single interface, for one seamless customer service experience.

Mekari Qontak’s Omnichannel Software integrates with our CRM to make expectation management, customer interaction and business growth an effortless journey.

We partner with WhatsApp and Instagram API to help business managers communicate easily in sales and customer service. Reach as many customers via all messaging applications within minutes.

The Omnichannel Software connects all your sales and communication channels together, accessible from one platform.

For example, customers are able to send a direct message to your business from Instagram, where responses can be seen from our centralized platform.

From Instagram messages, customers can easily move to WhatsApp without customer service agents having to move from one platform to another. This way, agents can continue the conversation seamlessly.

Customers can easily switch social media platforms while our Omnichannel system saves messages automatically. Agents are able to review all interactions from our platform, anytime.

The Omnichannel Software is a multichannel upgrade, as it is more extensive and accessible in real-time. Multichannel Software work in parallel or individually, each channel compartmentalized within messaging systems. However, the Omnichannel customer service integrates all business channels into one interface.


  • Improve customer retention rates by providing multiple choices of communication channels to customers without fear of losing previous interaction history.
  • Increase turnovers and simultaneously reach more customers from different channels.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing better service in quality and time efficiency.
  • Get more referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers.
  • Increase efficiency and organization of customer data across various channels in one platform.
  • Easily organize and understand data to improve customer service tailored to customer needs.
  • Combine online and offline interaction for better user experience.

Omnichannel contact center is a system that allows businesses to provide customer service to customers through various available channels. This Omnichannel platform is often used by businesses to improve a consistent customer experience.

Omnichannel contact center helps businesses to monitor every customer message and call. In addition, omnichannel contact center can also access all customer information without the need to switch applications. This encourages the improvement of the quality of customer service.

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