Best helpdesk online for business

The best helpdesk for great customer service

Helpdesk online is a tool for tracking, prioritizing and solving customer tickets efficiently.

  • Prioritize expired tickets to be resolved
  • Automatically generate and solve customer tickets
  • Get an instant overview of your team’s workload
  • Track tickets based on your custom tailored SLA rules
  • Integration of all channels in one platform

More than 3,500+ businesses have taken the advantage of Helpdesk online

Businesses Challenges Without a Helpdesk Online System


Unequal division of tasks

The uneven division of tasks causes the support team to be one-sided


Customers must waiting

Customers waiting for a long time to get a response from the support team.


Poor team coordination

Teams have to switch apps to collaborate on completing tickets.


No analytical reports

There are no KPI achievement reports that can be used as insights for agents and support teams.

Helpdesk online solve customer problems faster

Facilitate the support team to serve customers 24 non stop with a helpdesk online system.

Helpdesk online generate quality customer service

Helpdesk online generate quality customer service

  • Use agent routing systems to share messages automatically and fairly.
  • Streamline customer service flows with an auto-reply system.
  • Provide the best customer experience by solving their problems quickly.
Worst customer service

Worst customer service

  • Customer requests are not resolved immediately due to overlapping tasks.
  • Customers have to wait a long time to get a response from your support team.
  • Support agents are overwhelmed to answer the same questions over and over again.

Improve your customer service

Powerful report dashboard to make better decision

The online helpdesk system is supported by advanced features that help you create valuable customer service.

Monitor all activity in an online helpdesk system

  • Make sure all customer problems are resolved properly or nothing is missed.
  • Measure productivity with powerful KPI metrics and generate reports automatically.
  • Customize business activity reports with simple and easy-to-understand customer service stages.
Monitor all activity in an online helpdesk system

Trouble tracking business services

  • Dashboards cannot be adapted to every business need and workflow stage.
  • There is no automated system to help provide accurate KPI metrics.
  • Monitoring, management, and evaluation of business activities are carried out manually.
Trouble tracking business services

Move powerful online helpdesk!

Optimize support team productivity via online Helpdesk

Encourage the support team to solve more customer requests effectively and efficiently

Streamline your customer service

Streamline your customer service

  • Integrate your channels (Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Social media and more) in one platform.
  • Encourage your support team to provide consistent service across every channel.
  • Make it easy for teams to collaborate on solving customer requests.
Worst customer experience

Worst customer experience

  • Unable to connect multiple channels into one unified platform.
  • Customers do not have the option to communicate from their favorite channels.
  • Have to switch apps to collaborate on completing tickets

Accelerate your service now

What is helpdesk online?

An online helpdesk software is a tool use to provide information and assistance to customers or end users. The purpose of this helpdesk service is to complete or provide direction about a product and function, such as online customer service.

The helpdesk software was originally used for IT support, but now companies use it as part of customer service. Companies usually provide online IT helpdesk to customers through several media, such as websites, instant messaging applications such as the WhatsApp API and WhatsApp chatbot email, or call center software.

What are the advantage of helpdesk online?

Some advantage of helpdesk online are:

  • Help serve customers faster
  • Improve customer service efficiency
  • Helpdesk software helps to automate ticket generation
  • Transparency in internal and external communication
  • Sales helpdesk helps sales team to solve customer problems more efficiently

Some must-have features for helpdesk online are:

  • Multi-channel support
  • Automation system
  • Self service ability
  • Tracking and analytical reports
  • Integration

Here’s how to set up a helpdesk for a business:

  • Plan how the helpdesk will be implemented
  • Determine the communication channel to be used as a helpdesk service
  • Define role for each agent
  • Set up self-service options with the help of a chatbot
  • Workflow settings
  • Preparing to launch

The main helpdesk tasks are as follows

  • Record and handle customer problems according to applicable SOPs
  • Make reports on problems that have been successfully resolved
  • User account handle
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