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Introducing Mekari Airene, The New Era of Customer Support

Published 20 October 2023
Last updated 02 May 2024
Introducing Mekari Airene, The New Era of Customer Support

In the age of innovation, businesses have been driven to find ways to deliver exceptional customer experiences constantly. Whether through offline to online interactions, innovative solutions are requisite to help elevate businesses’ interactions with clients.

We’re thrilled to unveil an exciting product update that revolutionizes the way to engage with customers, Mekari Airene in Qontak. This unprecedented integration of state-of-the-art AI technology and the advanced omnichannel platform stands to empower businesses with the tools they need to provide personalized support, give recommendations, and generate leads.

In this article, we’ll examine and show how this transformative technology can reinvent the way companies connect with their customers.

Meet Mekari Airene, Bridging AI and Customer Engagement

At its heart, Mekari Airene aims to redefine the conventional approach to customer interaction. We leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT to assist professionals in writing context-aware texts based on the prompts given to the bot and merge them with the modern interface of the chatting platform. These bots are equipped with the understanding to comprehend and respond to customers’ inquiries with accuracy, thereby elevating the overall customer experience.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of what Mekari Airene really is

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1. Write responses with better expression

Communicating via chats sometimes can be… overwhelmingly difficult, especially when you’re handling customers’ complaints and questions. When we communicate with texts, our ability to deliver the intended tones and meaning relies heavily on factors such as punctuation, capitalization, and word selection. A prime example of this is how the use of uppercase letters can be conveyed as ‘screaming’ or raising one’s voice, signifying the level of intensity and emphasis. When in fact, sometimes we click the uppercase button by accident and forget to turn it off. 😀

The abstract influence of these writing signals on how customers perceive the excellence of the service they receive certainly affects the total result of satisfaction towards the business. As a result, Mekari Airene uses a user-centered approach to help adjust messages to sound formal and professional or sociable and easygoing. The ability to fine-tune your texts plays a pivotal role in validating customers’ concerns, especially when you encounter a dissatisfied customer seeking consolation. Ultimately converting a negative experience into a positive one.

Although we’re all prone to occasionally written communication mishaps, Mekari Airene is here to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding spelling and grammar mistakes. Our tool provides a unique practicality in improving your sentences into more simplified structures or longer ones, giving you the flexibility to explain technical or complex procedures.

2. Translate texts in one place easily

Whether it’s personal or professional, language should not hinder individuals who speak different languages to perform effectively at the highest level. Mekari Airene ensures that you can reach out and communicate with customers confidently in writing. This tool acts as a flexible translator you can use, making your texts understandable and accessible to a wide range of audiences, ultimately strengthening relationships and cooperation.

Mekari Airene in Qontak translates text into global language easily

The ability to translate text on the fly enhances customer engagement on a global scale. Businesses can empower their teams to engage with international clients in their native languages, making them feel valued and understood on a personal level. This personalization fosters stronger customer relationships, increases trust, and at length, drives sales and revenue growth.

3. Summarize long conversations into quick notes

In certain situations, where bots can no longer comprehend the complexities of the conversation, human involvement is necessary. Agents need to be able to catch up and step in with the long chats and possibly read through the endless chat logs, we know how it feels. It’s like finding Waldo in the realm of Where is Waldo’s world which is full of random people, only the people is the conversation and Waldo is the silver lining you need to keep your job intact. 😀

That’s where we come in! Mekari Airene is here to help you summarize your conversation and put it in a bite-size context that you can access internally in notes. We employ a tool that studies chat transcripts and meticulously produces a summary that encapsulates important information, such as the issue at hand, suitable details, and the resolution provided.

mekari airene in qontak helps you summarize long transcript of conversations into little notes

Let’s consider a scenario where a customer reaches out to your support hotline, detailing a persistent issue they have been experiencing. As the conversation unfolds through multiple exchanges with each bubble filled with intricate details, it gives you the immense feeling of uncontrollable outcome. Mekari Airene emerges as a valuable asset that you can use to quickly create a note that sums up the customer’s problems and the series of actions taken to rectify the issue. These summarized notes are perfect for internal documentation and handover, keeping harmony within the team.

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Getting the Most Out of Mekari Airene in Qontak

Incorporating Mekari Airene into your customer support operations can give you access to an array of advantages and improvements that significantly will elevate the effectiveness of your service implementation. These benefits are:

1. Improve the quality of customer experience

The ability of AI to analyze and summarize chat transcripts to help agents have a comprehensive understanding of the matters, enables you to provide more tailored and personalized solutions.

According to the research done by McKinsey & Company, well-executed personalization efforts can yield significant benefits for businesses, including increased customer engagement and revenue growth. Particularly, a favorable customer experience brings a 20 percent rise in customer satisfaction levels, a 15 percent elevation in sales conversion rates, and a 30 percent outstanding climb in customer engagement rates.

This level of personalization, equipped with the right tool, can leave a lasting worthwhile impression on customers, promoting loyalty and trust.

2. Enhance the overall operational efficiency

Mekari Airene simplifies your support workflows by automating the process of taking notes and summarizing the issues at hand. This action not only saves valuable time but also lowers the risk of human error in transcribing or documenting the chat transcripts. Hence, your support team can handle more inquiries accurately and rapidly which ultimately increases their operational efficiency.

3. Consistent knowledge transfer and service

When handling endless inquiries and complaints, agents can easily be swamped with messages that need attention. Some issues can be attended to by the agents and resolved by themselves, some might need escalation to other team members. Communicating with the other team members adds extra burdens to agents as they need to summarize while at the same time ensuring the customers are still getting the care they need.

That’s how Mekari Airene will come in handy. Mekari Airene ensures vital information from customer interactions is consistently and comprehensively captured, automatically put in micro notes that you can read internally. This leads to an effective knowledge sharing among team members. Everyone remains on the same page, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and enabling a smoother handover of cases between agents.

4. Boost the overall employee productivity

Eliminating labor-intensive tasks such as taking notes and making summaries of issues can redirect your agents to focus on more high-value activities, such as building deep connections with customers and directly solving their problems. Agents must feel meaning in their jobs as they are learning and synergizing toward making relationships, instead of being engulfed in administrative tasks. This not only enhances employee job satisfaction but also maximizes their productivity.

The Crucial Role of Security, Building the Fortified Foundation

While it is undeniable that ChatGPT marks a significant breakthrough in the advancement of technology, there remains a critical aspect that needs to be addressed: how secure it is to use. How can we utilize it to the extent that it is useful but also safe?

The advancement of AI technology has raised real concerns, especially now that some prominent technology figures have temporarily halted the initiative to integrate it with their tech. Nonetheless, when it comes to new technologies, one just cannot utilize them without thorough research. Therefore, Mekari Airene is a product of extensive research that we did and safety is one of the main factors.

Generally speaking, ChatGPT is considered safe to use, depending on the users or developers. With our numerous security measures, data handling practices, and privacy policies implemented at Mekari, we put limitations on where ChatGPT can read your data. In Mekari Qontak, ChatGPT works as a tool to support your customer service team, in translating the text, changing the tone of the message, and summarizing the transcripts. We do not share any users’ or customers’ personal information with ChatGPT.

Ready to Enroll? Get Mekari Airene Now

We’re happy to announce that the Beta version is out on the horizon and it’s reserved for a selected number of users. By registering as a Beta user, you’ll gain access to creating your own AI bot with the Qontak Flow Builder that you can tailor based on your needs. This will enable you to dive into the world of smart bots and eventually get the most out of Mekari Airene. Additionally, you will get premium support that specifically helps you solve business challenges and optimize your utilization of Mekari Airene in Qontak.

Keep in mind that this version of Mekari Airene still needs to be enhanced continuously and this is merely an initial stage of what’s coming. Our ultimate goal goes beyond the adaptation of ChatGPT for customer support tools and aspires to facilitate AI bots to be able to learn from real-time customer interactions and actively glean insights from them across a wide array of communication channels. Envision if you could utilize AI-powered bots to seamlessly manage complaints, orders, and bookings from various platforms.

If you are interested in trying it out, please contact us at the button below. We’re interested in hearing about your experience, whether that’s happy or disappointing. We need your feedback to make our vision a reality.


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