The all-in-one cloud call center provider

Efficient cloud call center for faster customer resolution time

An all-encompassing business phone system designed to serve sales and support teams, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional effectiveness.

  • Accommodate fluctuating call volumes with efficient agents assignment
  • Agents can work from anywhere via any device, promoting flexibility
  • Access caller information to ensure personalized and efficient responses
  • Streamlines outbound calls to broaden reach with higher conversion rates
The all-in-one cloud call center provider

Benefits of call center software


Comprehensive real time dashboard

Monitor agent and team performance on a wallboard dashboard optimized for screen casting.


Increased customer satisfaction rate

Provide instant and interactive responses for better customer satisfaction.


AI and automation

Meet your customers when intent is clear with personalized IVR and call routing.



Call center software is easily integrated with multiple apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and others. It’s easy to manage them.

Tailor-made solutions designed specifically for your industry

Healthcare Services

Improving patient interactions and satisfaction

Optimize scheduling, patient inquiries, and coordination, enhancing overall efficiency

  • Deliver exceptional, tailored assistance at any volume with human & AI support
  • Store staff, engineers, and agents collaborate cohesively to tackle inquiries collectively
  • Holistic customer service, ensuring timely responses that effectively resolve customer issues
  • Personalize your workflow, ensuring it aligns with your operations for seamless productivity
Cloud Call Center for Healthcare Services
Banks & Financial Services

Easily adapt to fluctuating call volumes, ensuring efficient handling

Cloud call centers offer real-time support, enhancing customer interactions and satisfaction

  • AI-powered proactive interactions drive efficiency, leveraging predictive engagement
  • Concentrate on KPIs, simplifying the achievement of business objectives
  • Holistic data reports and analysis, featuring pre-designed and tailor-made dashboards
Cloud Call Center for Banks & Financial Services
Retail & eCommerce

Provide real-time assistance, enhancing customer satisfaction

Providing the ability to offer efficient and personalized customer support across all channels

  • Easily handle increased call volumes during peak shopping periods without disruption
  • Access to customer history helps agents offer tailored recommendations
  • Seamlessly manage calls, chats, emails, and social media interactions from a single platform
  • Data-driven insights aid in understanding customer behavior and improving strategies
Cloud Call Center for Retail & eCommerce
Education Services

Enable round-the-clock assistance, catering to diverse time zones

Provide efficient assistance, fostering a positive learning experience and academic success

  • Easily manage increased call volumes during enrollment periods and exams period
  • Handle calls, emails, chats, and social media inquiries from a unified platform
  • Enable personalized interactions, addressing student inquiries promptly
  • Streamline administration across multiple campuses or online courses
Cloud Call Center for Education Services

Learn how cloud call center software solves modern day problems in your business

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Resolve issues instantly, enhancing satisfaction

Call center software enhances customer interactions, resolving issues swiftly and boosting satisfaction

Efficient calls routing, streamlining operations

Efficient call routing and data access in call center software streamline operations, solving customer problems effectively

Omnichannel solution for customer-centric approach

Integrating with CRM and multichannel support, call center software addresses challenges, fostering seamless customer experience

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is call center software?

Call center software is a tool that helps manage customer relations through telephone calls efficiently. It includes features like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and routing agents, enhancing call center services.

Mekari Qontak provides one of the best call center software, easily integrated with other software to support customer service activity. Mekari Qontak’s cloud-based call center software is accessible anywhere, including smartphones and other portable devices.

Who uses call center software?

Call center software is used by businesses and organizations that handle large customer calls. Customer service teams, support staff, and sales representatives often use this software to manage and handle phone interactions.

Yes, CRM systems are often used in call centers. CRM software allows call center agents to access customer information, history, and preferences, enabling personalized interactions and efficient issue resolution.

Integrating CRM with call center software ensures a seamless flow of customer data, enhances customer service, and provides agents with relevant information to deliver a more personalized and efficient experience.

Call center software offers several benefits, including:

  • Efficient call management: Streamlined call routing, queuing, and distribution for prompt handling.
  • Improved customer service: Enhanced interactions with call recording, data integration, and analytics.
  • Increased agent productivity: Automation, scripts, and real-time monitoring for improved efficiency.
  • Enhanced scalability: Quick scaling of operations to meet growing demands seamlessly.
  • Better reporting and analytics: Valuable insights for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

To set up call center software, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free trial or paid plan with Mekari Qontak.
  2. Transfer your new or existing business phone number.
  3. Configure the software according to your call management needs.
  4. If required, integrate with other tools like CRM, ticketing systems, and WhatsApp API to enhance your customer service capabilities.
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