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Manage sales and customer service better than Salesforce

Increase revenue and overall business productivity with Mekari Qontak’s superior features. With an affordable cost, you can automate sales and service flows according to your business needs.


Task Management Automation

Track all sales activities that drive the company to improve performance

  • Save all historical sales data in a timeline

    Automatically stores all customer and sales interactions in one unified database.

  • Get a 360 perspective of all customers in real-time

    Have all customer data and information in one dashboard view with a 360-degree perspective.

  • Build custom sales activity metrics using Qontak

    Simplify sales stages by automating repetitive work to drive productivity.

  • Monitor all sales activity and build KPI metrics

    Visualize the stages of your sales and track your team’s performance milestones against specific KPI metrics.

Build Better Customer Experience

Advanced and localized end-to-end solutions that fully cater to all industry categories.

  • One CRM with multiple pipelines fully customizable

    Visualize multiple scalable pipelines to manage any sales, project, and business process.

  • Integrating omnichannel communication into one system

    Integrate all communication channels in one unified platform that facilitates access to data and information.

  • Optimizing overall business productivity

    Drive overall sales and customer service performance to accelerate business development.

  • Get trigger automation to alert you at every stage of the business

    Prioritize important tasks and activate triggers that will send important task notifications or information so you don’t miss anything.

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