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The Best Sales Tracking Software

Best Sales Tracking Software to Efficiently Monitor Sales Activity

Sales tracking software makes it easy for businesses to monitor business performance and accurately track sales team GPS locations in real time.

  • Track the sales team performance from mobile app
  • Generate sales performance reports automatically
  • Track sales team GPS even without internet connection
  • Integrate sales tracking system with other applications.

More than 3,500+ businesses have benefited from Mekari Qontak sales tracking system

Business challenges without sales tracking software


Unable to sales monitoring

Businesses can’t track sales progress and team performance in real time.


Lost customer disappointed

Many customers are neglected, which causes them to be disappointed and leave the business.


Low sales team productivity

A lot of the sales team’s time is wasted doing repetitive administration rather than selling.


Sales data out of sync

customer order data is separate across each sales channel, making it difficult to manage.

Sales tracking system automatically manages customer engagement

Automatically store every customer interaction from various channels and manage them in one sales tracking software.

Personalize all customer interactions

Personalize all customer interactions

  • Database visualization with a 360 degree perspective to understand customer needs.
  • Details of all customer activities such as transaction status, appointments, orders and more.
  • Create a simple sales flow according to business needs to make it easier for customers to shop.
Slow sales transaction

Slow sales transaction

  • Difficult to understand customer needs because customer information is not organized.
  • Customer information does not centralize. So, that salesman has to switch to many platforms.
  • Irregular sales stages that make it difficult to put together business progress.

Reach more customers by sales tracking software

Track sales easier via sales tracking software

Sales tracking software is equipped with a GPS feature that is able to directly monitor the performance of the sales team in the field.

Monitor sales activity in one dashboard

  • Track sales directly via GPS to find out the latest sales position.
  • Save time by prioritizing nearby customer visits.
  • Custom reports based on sales and targets to suit business needs.
Monitor sales activity in one dashboard

Unmonitored sales activity

  • Trouble tracking the location of the sales team.
  • Sales transaction history is not stored neatly.
  • Sales reports are not updated in real time.
Unmonitored sales activity

Easily monitor sales

sales tracking software improve productivity and sales instantly

Automate customer transaction processes with sales tracking software, thereby getting more sales and revenue for your business.

Complete all customer orders faster

Complete all customer orders faster

  • Simplify sales stages and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Prioritize orders that are due to avoid losing customers.
  • Integrate all channels to make it easy to complete orders.
It's easy to lose disappointed customers

It's easy to lose disappointed customers

  • Overwhelmed by completing orders.
  • Disappointing customers because of worst service.
  • A lot of time is wasted on completing repetitive tasks.

Optimize sales tracking system

What's sales tracking software?

Sales tracking software is a tool designed to manage, track and all stages of sales more efficiently. Sales tracking system simplifies the sales process, so salesman can focus on winning customers’ hearts.

1. Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak provides the best sales tracking software in Indonesia. Qontak software manages and tracks sales team, field & canvas, team activity and sales orders.

Main features: Customization, KPI sales tracking, Sales reports, Mobile apps, Live GPS, Sales funnel and Document automation.


SAP CRM is a sales CRM used to manage sales activities. In addition, you can connect it with other applications to support overall business activities.

Main features: Case Management, Customer Support Portal, Knowledge Base and Support Analytics

3. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit is an application used to record sales and lead management for field salespeople using a door-to-door system.

Main features: Leaderboards, Commission Calculator, Custom Territory Mapping and Map Directions.

4. MySales App

MySales provides sales tracking software that can monitor the whereabouts of salesmen, unify sales orders and stock items. This application can be accessed using a smartphone.

Key features: Google Maps API, Navigation buttons, Report history and Area restrictions.

5.  Sales Screen App

Sales Screen is a sales software that help sales teams to collaborate efficiently. It also helps managers to measure sales team performance in real time.

Key features: Web dashboard, Mobile app access, sales reports and Integration with CRM.

  • Lead Tracking
  • Sales Forecast
  • Sales Activity Report
  • Funnel Report
  • Conversion rate

Advantage sales tracking system are

  • Track sales team and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in real time
  • Improve contact or database management
  • Can increase customer retention
  • Get customer satisfaction
  • Help improve sales management system
  • Manage sales to increase revenue in the long term
  • Creating work efficiency
  • Creating good team collaboration
  • Get accurate business reports and analysis in real time

Sales tracking system is a system that records all interactions with prospective customers, starting from the initial touchpoints such as chat and phone calls, the stage the prospect passes through the sales funnel, to becoming a customer.

The use of this sales tracking system makes it easier for you to understand the effectiveness of the business funnel to get a visual picture of the prospecting process with your business based on the inputted sales data.

The first is to use a tracking system to identify the audience. Then, the business must know on which platform their audience will appear, both online and offline.

Next is to determine at which stage the prospect is likely to enter. These stages vary for each business and industry. Determine how customers can be attracted to the business
Identifying how to influence prospects to be interested is the next sales trick.

Finally, define consistently measured metrics
Know what to measure with a sales tracking system. For example, the amount of website traffic, the average time it takes a prospect to become a customer, and so on.

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