Outbound call software

Boost your team's performance with a seamless outbound call software

Simplify your sales team’s work and reach more consumers instantly with Mekari Qontak’s outbound call software.

  • Reach customers from anywhere, anytime
  • Monitor your team’s work in real-time
  • Boost productivity with streamlined task automation
  • Streamline sales with seamless CRM integration

Over 3,500+ Indonesian companies trust Mekari Qontak's outbound call software

Advantages of using outbound call software


Customizable and user-friendly

Outbound call software is accessible from anywhere and can be tailored to your business needs.


One centralized system

All customer data is securely stored and automatically managed in one integrated system.


Real-time monitoring

Monitor customer interactions and team performance from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Seamless integration

The outbound call software integrates with other tools for easier data collection and analysis.

More customer connections

Use the software to reach more customers and increase communication

Seamless contact center

Seamless contact center

  • Customize the outbound call software for effortless customer contact by your agents
  • Automatically log all customer interactions for better understanding of their needs
  • Integrate all your channels for simpler customer access
Challenges are hard to overcome

Challenges are hard to overcome

  • Struggle to follow up on leads due to no historical data of interactions
  • Quality assurance is difficult to do due to no proof of conversations and interactions
  • Lack of integration between channels makes it difficult to synchronize data

Growing customer relationships

Detailed sales analysis

Gain valuable insights from sales reports and team performance all in one flexible dashboard

Improved performance analysis

  • Track individual and team activity to identify trends in orders, demos, and purchasing decisions
  • Review call recordings to improve team performance and customer interactions
  • Analytics reports provide data-driven insights to inform your business strategy
Improved performance analysis

No visibility on business performance

  • Difficulty in tracking customer service agent performance
  • No real time insights due to a manual generation of business reports
  • Inaccurate leads data makes ineffective business and sales decisions
No visibility on business performance

Boost your team productivity now

Increase sales and revenues effectively

Maximize the outbound call software with post-call automation for longer and more efficient customer calls

Personalized customer interactions

Personalized customer interactions

  • Utilize previous call records to provide personalized customer interactions
  • Automatically route agents based on customer requirements for more efficient calls
  • Train your team for improved follow-up calls and accelerated performance
Stagnant sales and business growth

Stagnant sales and business growth

  • Agents struggle to convert customers to sales due to no clear history and journey
  • Lack of customer information makes it difficult for agents to contact them.
  • Overwhelming workload for agents results in a focus on customer management instead of sales.

Sell smarter and faster

What is an outbound call software?

Outbound call software is a tool businesses use to make outbound calls to prospects or customers. The goal is to market the product or sell it.

Outbound call center software makes the job of call center agents easy. Because it has the feature of automating calls and filtering call answering machines, all of these outbound call software capabilities boost agent productivity and save company costs.

What are the benefits of outbound calling software

The advantages of outgoing calling software are as follows:

  • Save on marketing and sales costs because call center agents can do both things at the same time for every prospect who is successfully contacted.
  • The average features of outbound call center software operate to facilitate the tasks of call center agents.
  • Saves the time it takes to contact prospects.
  • Outbound call centers that are integrated with other business tools, such as CRM software, help desks, or WhatsApp Business API can provide a double advantage, namely that all conversations or interactions that occur between the company and customers can be stored automatically.
  • Increase sales to businesses or companies that use it.

How to successfully make an outgoing call is

  • Take a persuasive approach to getting your customer’s attention
  • Make your customers feel valued
  • Take advantage of the customer’s valuable time
  • Keep your promises, don’t make unimportant promises
  • Set up a follow-up meeting

The best outgoing calling software has the following features:

  • Phone conversation recording
  • CRM integrations
  • Feedback Capturing
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Reporting and analytics
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