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Improve Your Sales Team Productivity with Outbound Call Software

Mekari Qontak’s Outbound Call Software is the best solution to simplify the work of the sales team. They can reach more consumers instantly.

  • Reach customers from anywhere, anytime
  • Monitor your team’s work in real time
  • Improve team productivity with task automation
  • Integrate with CRM software to optimize sales

More than 3,500+ businesses in Indonesia uses Mekari Qontak's Outbound Call Software

Advantages of Outbound Call Software


Flexible and efficient

Outbound call software is easy to use anywhere. It can be customized as business needed.


Centralized data

All data is stored and managed automatically in one integrated system.


Monitoring real time

All customer interactions and agent performance can be monitored from a dashboard.


Integrated channel

Outbound call software can be integrated to other applications, it’s easier for data collection and analysis.

Build more conversations

Use outbound call software to establish communication with many customers wherever they are.

Easier to customer contact

Easier to customer contact

  • Custom outbound call software so that agents can easily use it to contact customers.
  • Automatically log and save every customer interaction to understand their needs.
  • Integrate your channels to make it easier for agents to reach your customers.
Difficulty reaching customers

Difficulty reaching customers

  • Difficult to make customer calls due to limited data.
  • Manual customer interaction recording.
  • Business's channel is not integrated. So, it is difficult to synchronize them.

Growth customer relationships

Comprehensive sales report

Gain valuable insights from sales analysis reports and team performance in one flexible dashboard.

Easier performance analysis

  • Track individual and team activity to identify trends in orders, demos and purchasing decisions.
  • Review call recordings to understand customer interactions and improve your team's performance.
  • Analytics reports empower you to make better decision, data-driven decisions in your next strategies.
Easier performance analysis

Hard to know the business performance

  • Difficulty tracking cs agent performance.
  • Business reports are generated manually.
  • Inaccurate data so, that decisions are not effective.
Hard to know the business performance

Improve your productivity

Convert more sales

Maximize outbound call software to talk longer and more efficiently with post-call automation.

Personalized customer calls

Personalized customer calls

  • Maximize the details of previous call records to encourage more personalized customer interactions.
  • Automatically routing your Agent according to customer requirements so that talking is more efficient.
  • Train your team to accelerate performance to effective follow-up calls.
Stagnant sales

Stagnant sales

  • Agents have a hard time converting customers to purchases.
  • In the lack of customer information, it's difficult for agents to contact them.
  • Excessive customer workload so they don't focus on selling.

Sell ​​faster and smarter

What is Outbound Call Software?

Outbound Call Software is a tool that businesses use to make outbound calls to prospects or customers. The goal is to market the product or sell.

Outbound call center software makes the job of call center agents easy. Because it has the feature of automating calls and filtering call answering machines.

All of these Outbound Call Software capabilities boost agent productivity and save company costs.

1. Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak is a cloud telephone system-based outbound call center provider. So users do not need a large data storage capacity on the device used. Qontak’s outbound call center software also provides good flexibility and mobility for its users.

Main features: Automatic Call Distribution, Monitoring report, Call Recording, Contact Management, Computer Telephony Integration, Interactive Voice Response, Predictive Dialer, Technical Support and Dedicated Support.

2. LeadDesk

LeadDesk helps businesses have a faster contact center. LeadDesk’s outbout call software only requires a browser and internet connection to start calling and selling. LeadDesk makes agents focus on increasing sales.

Main features: Smart Dialer, Automated Lead Handling, Reporting and Additional features.

3. CallHippo

CallHippo is a call center software that allows its users to enjoy all the features of an enterprise-level solution, regardless of the user’s business size.

Main features: interactive Voice Response, Call Monitoring, Auto Dialer. Automatic Call Distribution, Computer Telephony Integration and Dashboard & Analytics.

4. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is call center software for sales and customer service teams. It can contact prospects or customers more quickly. So, They will be more deals in the sales division.

Main features: Text messages use templates, Power dialer, smart dialer, Interactive Voice and Distribution of calls.

5. Five9

Five9 is an outbound call center software that uses a cloud base. It leverages AI artificial intelligence to create personalized customer experiences.

Main features: Inbound & Outbound Call, Interactive Voice Response, Predictive & Progressive Dialer, Technical Support and Call Recording.

The advantages of outgoing calling software are as follows:

  • Save on marketing and sales costs because call center agents can do both things at the same time for every prospect who is successfully contacted.
  • The average features of outbound call center software operate to facilitate the tasks of call center agents.
  • Saves the time it takes to contact prospects.
  • Outbound call centers that are integrated with CRM software can provide a double advantage, namely that all conversations or interactions that occur between the company and customers can be stored automatically.
  • Increase sales to businesses or companies that use it.

How to successfully make an outgoing call is

  • Take a persuasive approach to getting your customer’s attention
  • Make your customers feel valued
  • Take advantage of the customer’s valuable time
  • Keep your promises, don’t make unimportant promises
  • Set up a follow-up meeting

The best outgoing calling software if it has the following features:

  • Phone conversation recording
  • CRM integrations
  • Feedback Capturing
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Reporting and analytics
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