CSAT Software

Measure and improve customer satisfaction with CSAT software

Know the value of customer satisfaction and have a holistic perspective on customer expectations to increase your customer satisfaction.

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Challenges faced by businesses without CSAT software


No visibility on customer happiness

Can’t determine the value of customer satisfaction for the product or service provided.


Calculating CSAT manually

Calculating the CSAT becomes complicated and takes a long time because it is done manually.


Perform CSAT analysis manually

There is no automated tool that can help businesses analyze and evaluate customer satisfication score.


No data for clear reporting

Unable to effectively save data and customer satisfaction history automatically.

Get a higher CSAT survey response rate

Use CSAT software to gather valuable feedback from prospects and customers

Collect CSAT automatically

Collect CSAT automatically

  • Automatically end conversations with CSAT surveys to customers
  • Customize the CSAT survey format as needed to improve customer satisfaction
  • Record and store customer satisfaction scores in one centralized database
CSAT surveys are difficult to conduct

CSAT surveys are difficult to conduct

  • Sending CSAT surveys individually to customers in order to gather a CSAT score creates hassle
  • Unable to set and adjust the CSAT survey format as needed
  • There is no centralized database system to help store the results of the obtained CSAT surveys

Automate customer satisfaction surveys

Have an accurate customer satisfaction index

Achieve the highest level of service and business performance with customer satisfaction evaluation result

Precise real-time reports

  • Have a dashboard with real-time reports based upon the information that customers automatically provide
  • Analyze survey results precisely to gain more insight and make better decisions
  • Instantly adjust of the dashboard to reflect business and customer perspectives
Precise real-time reports

No real-time reports

  • There is no real-time reporting dashboard that provides precise and accurate survey results
  • Manually perform analysis and evaluation, as no automatic system is available to assist
  • The layout of the dashboard cannot be modified to meet the needs of businesses or customers
No real-time reports

Easily determine the level of customer satisfaction

Have an accurate customer satisfaction index

Boost service and business performance by using customer satisfaction evaluation result

Connect CSAT software easily

Connect CSAT software easily

  • Easily integrate CSAT software with multiple business channels with Omnichannel
  • Customizable and advanced routing agent to share every incoming message automatically
  • Accelerate business performance by utilizing automated systems to complete all tasks efficiently
Ineffective workflow

Ineffective workflow

  • Switching between applications to determine customer satisfaction in different channels create hassle
  • Lack of fair custom routing agent system results in task overlap
  • Workflow is ineffective because there is no automated system to help accelerate business performance

Switch to automatic system

What is CSAT software?

CSAT software is a tool that helps businesses gain valuable data and insights about the value of their customer satisfaction.

You can use CSAT software strategically to find out how satisfied your customers are with your services and business products, and what they expect from your company.

On the other hand, CSAT software is also capable of including data on marketing levels, product improvements, customer relationships, and more. That data can then be leveraged significantly to improve your customer service and sales.

What are the benefits of using CSAT software in business?

Here are the benefits of CSAT software that businesses can feel:

  • Helping the process of making the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) easier and faster
  • Increase high customer response
  • Has a rating system that can be tailored to business needs, and can be used to make it easier for customers to rate business services
  • Proactively prevent an increase in customer churn, by solving customer problems quickly and appropriately
  • Improve customer loyalty and experience with better business decisions based on CSAT results
  • Simply integrate CSAT software with a call center to support customer activities and business sales as it could open other business communication channels, such as omnichannel
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