Complaint management system: manage and resolve customer complaints more quickly 

Manage and resolve all of your customer complaints effectively using the best complaint management system from Mekari Qontak.

  • Respond to the customer quickly
  • Automatically track customer complaints
  • Routing complaints to the support team wisely
  • Provide excellent customer service

More than 3500+ companies uses Mekari Qontak

Business challenge without a complaint management system


Routing agent not available

Businesses need a routing agent to route tickets and problems to available agents


Difficult to do team collaboration

It is difficult for an agent to forward tasks to another agent without switching applications


There is no warning notification

Many customer complaints are overlooked or even forgotten to be resolved by agent


No advanced report dashboard

There are no real-time reports on customer complaint resolution activities carried out

Effectively handle customer complaints

Complaint management system enables businesses to resolve all incoming complaints effectively

Resolve customer complaints

Resolve customer complaints

  • Receive all customer complaints effectively with a customizable agent routing system.
  • An automated ticket helpdesk to help track and resolve tickets along the pipeline.
  • SLA management that makes it easy for you to monitor progress at every stage to avoid missing customers.
Difficult to resolve complaints

Difficult to resolve complaints

  • There is no routing agent that can help businesses pass complaints to the right agents.
  • It is difficult to track and complete tickets along the pipeline, due to the absence of an automated ticket helpdesk.
  • There is no SLA management to help with monitoring to avoid unserved customers.

Effective customer complaint management

Ensure all complaints are resolved properly

Resolve all customer complaints immediately, so that no customer feels disappointed

Speed up complaint resolution

  • Escalation & reminder system to find complaints that are starting to rot and process them immediately.
  • Business intelligence dashboard displays analytical reports in the form of spreadsheets or graphs.
  • KPI metrics that show how many complaints were successfully resolved by agents and support teams.
Speed up complaint resolution

Long complaint resolution process

  • There is no escalation & reminder system that helps find complaints that are starting to rot.
  • There is no business intelligence dashboard that displays easy-to-understand analytical reports.
  • It is difficult to measure KPI metrics that show the achievement of agents and support teams.
Long complaint resolution process

Powerful complaint management

Advanced support for customer service

Optimize the performance of your customer support and service team with easy integration

Easy and powerful integration

Easy and powerful integration

  • Omnichannel integration that lets you handle customer complaints wherever they are.
  • Chatbot integration to easily create FAQ chats and automate easy responses and facilitate complaint.
  • Store customer complaint history in a centralized database for better decision making.
No integration features available

No integration features available

  • The handling of customer complaints is limited and can only be done on certain channels.
  • There are no smart virtual robots to help easily create FAQ chats and automate responses.
  • Customer complaint history is not automatically stored in one centralized database.

Advanced technology for complaint management

What is complaint management?

Complaint management is an essential component of customer service and business success because it helps business to receive, categorize, and resolve customer complaints. This system is an effective and efficient business tool to resolve customer complaints.

Complaint management has the ability to prioritize complaints based on certain criteria. Then alert the support team to immediately resolve the problem. Another advantage of the online complaint management system is that it automatically stores complaint records for further analysis.

What is the role of complaint management?

Good complaint management can help build a solid company reputation. This is considered to provide more value, so you can charge a premium.

Implementing a customer management software will result in complaints being handled in a uniform manner and with increased efficiency. It reduces the time spent on complaints, leaving customer-facing staff with more time to deal with day-to-day service levels and better care for their customers.

There are 4 types of complaints:

  • Aggressive complainant
  • Expressive complainant
  • Passive complainant
  • Constructive complainant

Easy ways to manage complaints:

  • Listen very attentively
  • Identify the type of customer with whom you are dealing
  • Respond with empathy and apologize
  • Present a solution and verify that the problem is solved
  • Keep track of complaints so you can spot trends

Good complaint handling means:

  • Getting it right
  • Being customer focused
  • Being open and accountable
  • Acting fairly and proportionately
  • Putting things right
  • Seeking continuous improvement

Key factors in complaint handling are

  • Customer focused
  • Accountable
  • Objective and fair
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Easily accessible and responsive
  • Drive appropriate solutions and continuous improvements

Here are the methods for encountering complaints:

  • If a customer has to wait too long for a response, your representatives should apologize
  • unavailability or out-of-stock status. Your reps should encourage customers to be patient and let them know that they’ll reach out when the shipment arrives
  • Make customers repeat their problem. The best step you can take is to stop transferring their call
  • If the product isn’t broken, educate the customer or provide options for immediate replacement. If it was user error, gently point out to the customer how they can avoid this outcome in the future
  • New product or feature request. You should have a self-service area where your reps can direct these requests

1. When a customer complaint comes in, the company explicitly prepares their simple options for receiving customer feedback. This could be a hotline, chat or email

2. After that, the complaint will be processed. Make sure that your customers understand the consequences of their criticism. For this reason, businesses must consider what type of response to provide

3. Then, the business needs to handle customer complaints, including forwarding them to the appropriate department and responding directly to customers

4. At the same time, incoming complaints are analyzed and categorized. From the analysis will be found the results of the evaluation obtained

5. Furthermore, the company’s executives will make decisions regarding the handling of the problem

The following are the benefits that businesses can get by using a complaint management system:

  • All incoming complaints from various business channels (email, social media, websites, chat applications) are managed in one unified platform
  • Resolve complaints in a faster time with the help of SLA Management (Service Level Agreements)
  • Part of the complaint management process is automated, so the support team can focus on resolving complex complaints
  • Customer complaint management software allows business team to assist customers via call center software to solve customers problem quickly and efficiently with automation features
  • Equipped with reminder notifications that will remind the support team to immediately resolve customer complaints
  • Delegate tasks to other support teams without switching platforms
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