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What is Customer Engagement? – An Explanation

Published 07 May 2024
Last updated 10 May 2024
What is Customer Engagement
What is Customer Engagement? – An Explanation

Engagement sales is a sales strategy that focuses on building long-term relationships with customers and engaging them quickly. Customer engagement is the foundation of any successful business. The term refers to customer interactions and relationships, which are essential to driving loyalty and long-term growth.

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What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is an emotional connection that exists between customers and brands.

This relationship is formed from the interaction between customers and brands through various channels, such as social media, websites, email, community forums, etc.

An engaged customer relationship is one in which a brand maintains an ongoing relationship with its customers. A strong relationship can generate trust, loyalty, high affinity, and increased customer long-term value.

In addition, this connection can also help brands increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction and ultimately increase sales.

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

As previously mentioned, customer engagement can help brands improve customer relationships.

In addition, customer engagement can also provide other benefits, such as:

  • Increasing customer loyalty and retention
  • Finding opportunities to increase sales
  • Streamlining the sales cycle
  • Increasing the number of your customers

A company’s ability to engage its customers has a significant impact on its overall success.

Customer Engagement Marketing

What is customer engagement marketing? This is a way for companies to connect with and develop relationships with their customers to encourage them to promote the company’s products or services and build customer loyalty.

This is done through activities and communication on various social media and in-person events to build relationships, keep customers, and sell more.

Customer Engagement Sales

Engagement sales is a sales strategy that focuses on building long-term relationships with customers and engaging them quickly.

The goal is to engage customers in a two-way conversation and offer them a relevant, personalized, and valuable experience.

Therefore, companies can encourage customers to become supporters of the company’s goods or services and to build brand loyalty.

Customer Engagement Service

The engagement service strategy aims to improve the overall experience of a customer with a company by cultivating meaningful relationships and engaging them.

It entails conversing with customers in both directions and providing experiences that are pertinent, individualized, and beneficial.

This strategy aims to build brand loyalty and encourage customers to advocate for the company’s products or services.

How to Measure Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement can be measured in a variety of ways, depending on the goals and objectives of the company’s engagement strategy and the channels and tactics used to engage customers.

Here are a few standard methods for measuring customer engagement:

  1. Customer retention rate: A high retention rate is a good indicator of consumer engagement. It suggests that customers are satisfied with the company and are likely to continue doing business with it.
  2. Customer feedback: Collecting customer feedback through surveys, reviews, or social media can provide valuable insights into how engaged customers are with a company and its products or services.
  3. Customer lifetime value: Calculating a customer’s lifetime value can measure how much a customer is worth to a company throughout their relationship.
  4. Social media engagement: Tracking the number of likes, comments, and shares on social media can measure how engaged customers are with a company’s content and brand.
  5. Net Promoter Score (NPS): NPS is a measure of customer loyalty, and a high NPS score is often a good indicator of consumer engagement.

Customer Engagement Example

Customer Engagement Example - Nike By You

You must be familiar with this shoe brand, right? Nike is one of the world’s leading shoe brands. They don’t only sell shoes, but various types of sports support products.

In this case, Nike presents Nike By You Custom Shoes as a strategy to increase its business engagement. Nike By You is a program where you can customize the Nike shoes you want to buy to your liking.

The types of shoes that can be customized are also quite diverse, ranging from casual shoes like the Nike Air Force 1 to specific sports shoes.

To make one Nike By You shoe, you need to spend more than Nike shoes that you can buy directly at the store. Remember, these shoes must be made first according to your design.

However, this program successfully attracted the interest of many people, especially sneakerheads who like to collect shoes. This program provides a personalized experience for its customers, thereby drawing more engagement.


Customer engagement is building customer relationships by interacting with them and providing them with a positive and enjoyable experience.

By engaging with customers, businesses can better understand their needs and preferences, which can help to improve products and services and ultimately drive long-term success.

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